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This apple cider vinegar shampoo with over 7,600 5-star reviews is expert-approved

The Amazon bestseller sold out in just one day — but it's back in stock!
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Many of us have used apple cider vinegar as a household cleaner or as a recipe addition for giving food a sweet and sour flavor. However, the introduction of the ingredient in hair care and skin care products has sparked some well-deserved attention.

The Wow Skin Science Natural Shampoo and Conditioner is a good example of how apple cider vinegar is taking the beauty world by storm. Last week, the Amazon bestseller sold out of over 80,000 units of the cleansing hair duo in just one day, according to a spokesperson from the brand.

The shampoo and conditioner duo is an Amazon customer favorite with over 7,600 verified five-star reviews. So, we turned to an expert to discuss the benefits of using apple cider vinegar to cleanse hair.

Wow Skin Science Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Why is apple cider vinegar a good ingredient for clarifying?

Certified trichologist at BosleyMD Gretchen Friese says that apple cider vinegar is used to help balance the pH level of the scalp. "Dandruff is a build-up on the scalp that happens when too much yeast is present on oily areas of the skin," she explained. "Using a mix with apple cider vinegar can help avoid that build-up."

She also points out that the ingredient can deliver benefits such as adding shine, preserving colored hair, promoting hair growth and smoothing out knots and tangles.

Who should use apple cider vinegar on their hair?

Customers say that the Wow Skin Science duo smells amazing, which can make it tempting to use every day. But Friese warns that overusing the product may lead to brassiness or damage, making hair dull and susceptible to breakage.

This is why she advises paying attention to your hair type before using an apple cider vinegar-based product on your locks. "If you have exceptionally dry hair, you shouldn't be using apple cider vinegar or anything else meant to strip your hair of oils," she noted. She also says to stop using it if you notice sensitivity or irritation on your scalp with continued use.

Why the shampoo is so popular

The Wow Skin Science shampoo is formulated with 100% unrefined apple cider vinegar, almond oil and argan oil, among other ingredients. It's formulated to combat scalp dryness, repair hair damage and promote stronger strands.

Although the oils are beneficial if you're looking to achieve hydration and nourishment, Friese says that the apple cider vinegar is still the standout ingredient. "Because it can remove build-up on the scalp, it helps to keep the follicles healthy and helps to prevent hair loss and encourage growth," she said.

Friese's comments are backed by thousands of positive Amazon reviews with shoppers raving about the change they've seen in their hair since using the product.

"I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a month, and I can see and feel a difference in the texture, look and thickness of my hair already," explained one verified buyer.

Another said that they don't see as much build-up when using the product. "I can go quite a few days between washes and not get build-up. I have had so much trouble with dandruff or dry scalp," they wrote.

So if you're dealing with dull hair that doesn't seem to get totally clean with your current shampoo or looking for another dandruff-obliterating solution, consider the expert-approved Wow Skin Science Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.

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