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I own at least 30 sunglasses, but this Amazon pair is one of my favorites

They're glare proof, affordable and designed to flatter everyone.
Courtesy Jamie Sanders

If you peruse my Instagram account, you’ll notice an underlying theme. I like sunglasses ... a lot. I’m fairly certain I have at least 30 pairs in my collection, from heart-shaped and tortoiseshell to bedazzled and oversized squares. 

That said, I’m always happy to introduce a new pair of sunglasses into the mix. And when it’s a pair as cool as these Woodies sunnies with polarized lenses, well, that’s a no-brainer.

Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses

I’ve actually been curious about Woodies sunglasses for quite some time. I’ve seen them pop up on the ’gram and even accessorized by friends. So, when the opportunity came to try a pair for myself, it was an instant yes, please! 

They're the perfect size and shape

I absolutely love the way these sunglasses fit my face. (I gravitate toward larger frames, so these are the perfect size for me.) They’re designed in a square silhouette with silver details at the temples and Woodies' signature wooden arms. According to the brand, each pair features different striations in the wood, making them unique to every buyer. The lenses are also polarized and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection (says the brand) — a detail I love, since I live in always-sunny Los Angeles and am constantly looking for ways to protect myself against harmful ultraviolet rays.

The sunglasses also feature double-spring hinges, which help them open and close easily. In actuality, I think the arms move better than most other sunglasses I’ve tried. They have a feeling similar to that of a soft-close drawer. I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t sat in my apartment opening and closing them multiple times just to hear that satisfying click.

They're made for everyone — yes, everyone

That’s not an exaggeration. These sunglasses are actually unisex, so they can be worn by anyone! But I will say that the silhouette is a bit on the smaller side, so they may not fit larger faces as well.

Courtesy Jamie Sanders

Having two case options is a huge bonus, since I may want to swap one out for the other, depending on the size of the purse or backpack I'm using. I also like that the hard-shell case has a zip-around closure to further protect the sunglasses from any damage.

Interestingly, each pair is also accompanied by a business card that encourages you to email "Pamela." Who is Pamela, you may ask? She’s none other than the mother of Woodies founder, Cory Stout. If you have any issues with your Woodies sunglasses, you can go ahead and email Pamela for help. I loved my Woodies right out of the package, so no emailing was needed on my end; though, I admit I’m curious about what happens if you do, especially since several reviewers rave about the customer service.

They eliminate phone and computer glare

As you might imagine, living in Los Angeles brings its fair share of sunshine along for the ride. When it comes to sunglasses with polarized lenses, I’ve actually had varying degrees of success — some are so polarized that I end up getting tons of glare, especially when I’m driving or looking at my devices. With the Woodies sunglasses, though, I’ve found that the lenses are dark and glare-proof, even if I’m surrounded by sunshine. Looking at my phone or computer doesn’t produce the strange double vision-like effect that other polarized lenses have done in the past.

They’ve racked up rave reviews

While I’m totally sold on the awesomeness of Woodies sunglasses, you may be wondering whether I’m alone. Well, that answer would be a resounding no. These shades have racked up almost 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers saying they’re “sturdy and very stylish,” “comfortable and nice fitting,” and “reasonably priced.” I tend to agree.

As a self-proclaimed sunglasses obsessee, I am very impressed with the quality and design of the Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses. I also love that, at $50, they’re pretty well priced. (Plus, they're currently on sale for just $35!) If you’re curious about these polarized sunglasses, I definitely think they’re worth a look.