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23 reusable masks from brands that are giving back during the pandemic

Many brands are donating to local communities, hospitals and food banks.
Old Navy

Ever since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began encouraging Americans to wear protective face coverings, many fashion brands have started selling cloth face masks.

While some companies are making donations to relief funds and food banks, others have ramped up production to donate masks to local hospitals. Other brands allow the option for customers to make monetary donations that will be used to create masks for health care workers as well.

If you’re looking for where to buy a face mask online for yourself or your family members, we found a few brands that are utilizing their resources to help make face masks that give back. So, while you’re looking for face masks that can help you do your part during the pandemic, you can also make a purchase that will have a positive impact.

Though cloth face masks are not intended to be a replacement for surgical masks or respirators such as the N95, they can help limit the spread of germs from an infected person to a healthy person. A face covering can also serve as a reminder for individuals not to touch their face before washing their hands in public settings, NBC News reports.

Read on to learn more about the companies who are helping to do their part, and how your purchase can help companies give back to those in need.

Companies making masks that give back

1. Old Navy Face Masks 5-Pack

The brand known for making affordable clothing for the family is also making fabric face masks for adults and kids. Old Navy is also donating 50,000 masks to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

The triple-layer design comes in a "surprise" pack of five for $12.50. Because Old Navy is using excess cotton poplin fabric to craft the masks, colors and patterns will vary.

2. Vistaprint RNS Mask

The online printing company has started producing masks for a cause too. For every mask purchased, Vistaprint will donate 10% to help support small businesses impacted by the coronavirus. In addition to donating profits, the company says it has also donated face masks and more than 100,000 face shields to organizations in need.

The masks are available in a variety of colors and patterns and feature adjustable straps and a 100% inner cotton layer for a comfortable fit. It also comes with a replaceable nanofiber filter that can be used for up to 12 hours and removed each time you wash the mask.

According to the website, Vistaprint face masks ship by June 10.

3. Buck Mason Antimicrobial Prevention Face Mask 5-Pack

Los Angeles-based clothing brand Buck Mason has set a goal to donate one million non-medical face masks to communities in California and across the United States. "We never dreamed we'd be able to donate one million masks when this all started, but now that's looking like a real possibility," Buck Mason co-founders Erik Allen Ford and Sasha Koehn told Shop TODAY.

By making more non-medical grade masks available to local communities, they hope to "help reduce the demand for medical-grade N95 masks needed by healthcare workers fighting this disease on the front lines."

Available in packs of five, Buck Mason's antimicrobial masks last up to 30 wash cycles. For every mask purchased, the brand will donate one — and so far, they're on track to donate 606,135 (and counting!).

4. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

Casetify began giving back with a donation of 10,000 masks to Direct Relief, a non-profit organization that provides health workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) and other essential items. In addition to their donation, for each cloth mask purchased, Casetify will donate a surgical mask to a health worker in need.

The cloth masks are available in five different colors and feature five layers of cotton, fabrics and fibers. Each purchase also includes two interchangeable PM 2.5 filters.

5. Caraa Fabric Face Masks 5-Pack

New York-based company Caraa typically makes high-end handbags, but quickly decided to begin producing non-medical masks to help support COVID-19 relief efforts.

"We did not want to make a 'fashion mask.' The intent of this is to help flatten the curve, not to make a fashion statement," Aaron Luo, CEO and co-founder of Caraa, told Shop TODAY. A portion of sales was donated to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 relief fund, and now the brand is matching each purchase with a donation to New York's relief efforts.

6. Avocado Green Mattress Organic Cotton Face Masks 4-Pack

The makers of eco-friendly mattresses and pillows are now making 100% organic cotton fabric face masks available in packs of four. Since March 23, the brand has made more than 130,000 non-medical grade masks and will be donating 1% of sales to the EcoHealth Alliance.

"At Avocado, we believe we all must do our part. So, we answered the call for the common good by refocusing a large part of our cut and sew department to the production of organic, reusable face masks," Mark Abrials, co-founder and CMO of Avocado Mattress told Shop TODAY. He also added that the masks are sold "at-cost to thousands of individuals and in bulk for medical, government, and private sector use."

According to the website, the masks will ship within four to five weeks.

7. Vida Protective Mask

The Vida protective masks meet each of the five key recommendations from the CDC and are available in single and multi-pack options. Each one is made with two layers of 100% cotton, adjustable straps and a multi-layer filter.

In addition to donating masks for free or at-cost to those in need in District 6 of San Francisco, the brand's founder and CEO Umaimah Mendhro tells Shop TODAY that Vida is also donating 10% of its profits to COVID relief efforts.

"We wanted to support organizations where we knew we would make an impact and our contributions would go far while also serving local communities," Mendhro said.

According to the website, Vida face masks will ship within 16 to 18 days.

8. New Republic Fabric Face Masks 3-Pack

New Republic pivoted its production to produce cotton face masks using factory materials. "We had to move fast, and lucky for us, we have a strong, dedicated and passionate team who turned around a vision to sell masks into reality within 12 hours," a spokesperson for the brand told Shop TODAY.

For every three-pack of non-medical grade masks sold, the Los Angeles-based company will donate a mask to those in need in the Los Angeles community. The brand said it would specifically be donating to the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and local senior centers in the city.

9. Fanatics Fabric Face Masks 3-Pack

Fanatics has halted the production of MLB player jerseys and began using the fabric to produce single-use face masks that will be donated to state governments and hospitals. According to Fanatics' website, the masks were created to "address the shortage of critical supplies during the current public health emergency."

The brand is also selling 100% cotton masks made in the U.S. for sports fans everywhere. From the Philadelphia Eagles to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the site has a wide range of sports teams to choose from.

10. Uncommon Goods Face Coverings 2-Pack

The prints on these masks (available in packs of two) were designed by the children and relatives of the team members at Uncommon Goods. In addition to the adorable rainbow patterns, each label also features a positive, inspiring message.

The company is donating 100% of profits to NYC Health + Hospitals, which provides care to more than 1 million New Yorkers every year.

11. Reformation Fabric Face Masks 5-Pack

Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion brand Reformation is giving back by partnering with the city of Los Angeles on LA Protects, an initiative created to produce 5 million non-medical grade masks for community members.

"With our factory temporarily closed under the Safer at Home order in Los Angeles, pivoting operations to mask production and using our relationships to mobilize other garment and apparel manufacturers to do the same felt like a small but important way Reformation could contribute,” Yael Aflalo, founder and CEO of Reformation, said.

The brand offers customers the option to donate or purchase masks of their own on its website and has raised enough money to make and donate 19,000 masks so far, a spokesperson for the brand told Shop TODAY.

12. Nili Lotan Face Mask

New York-based fashion designer Nili Lotan is donating 100% of profits from her face masks to NYU Langone Health. Each purchase also helps maintain Lili Notan's workforce while supporting those on the frontlines.

You can choose between the black or dark navy stripe design, which are both handmade by the sewing team.

13. Sanctuary Fabric Face Masks 5-Pack

Lifestyle brand Sanctuary has launched the hashtag "#SanctuaryGivesBack" to help bring attention to its donation campaign. For each purchase of a mask the brand says it will provide masks to those in need.

Each mask features a nose wire and fabric filter, and is also machine washable. The masks are available in men's', women's' and kids' sizes in assorted packs of five and are machine-washable.

According to the website, Sanctuary face masks will ship within 14 days.

14. Onzie Mindful Fabric Face Masks 2-Pack

Onzie has created non-medical, reusable face masks using up-cycled fabrics featuring "Full Flex Spandex" for a comfortable fit. The masks can be worn on their own or as protective coverings for other masks.

Onzie has already donated thousands of masks to local hospitals in Los Angeles and will donate proceeds from every purchase to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Like Reformation, Onzie is also participating in LA Protects, a collective of manufacturers working to ensure the production of 5 million non-medical face masks in Los Angeles.

15. Abacaxi Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket

New York City-based clothing company Abacaxi has created non-medical cotton face masks that are available in a variety of prints and quantities. The masks also feature an opening for a filter.

Founder Sheena Sood told Shop TODAY that she quickly made the pivot to produce face masks to meet the increased need. The brand is giving customers the option to receive a free mask with any clothing purchase. "Abacaxi is also donating 15% of profits to The New Sanctuary Coalition, an NYC-based organization led by and for immigrants to stop the inhumane system of deportations and detentions in the U.S.," Sood said.

According to the website, Abacaxi face masks will ship between and June 5 and June 12.

16. Rails Fabric Face Masks 5-Pack

Rails has paused its garment production to produce non-medical grade cotton masks that come with free worldwide shipping. Each pack comes with five reusable, machine-washable cloth masks made with assorted fabrics.

For every pack purchased, the company will donate a pack to essential workers in need in Los Angeles. Additionally, the company will be donating 10,000 medical-grade masks to hospitals in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, New Orleans and Detroit.

17. Los Angeles Apparel Cotton Face Masks 3-Pack

Another Los Angeles-based brand helping to give back is Los Angeles Apparel, which is currently producing face masks in packs of three. The masks are crafted from cotton and feature adjustable straps, as well as an adjustable nose. Proceeds from each purchase help the brand donate to essential workers, as well as provide pay for those working in the factory.

18. Maisonette Jeune Otte Reusable Youth Cloth Face Mask

Children's boutique Maisonette has four styles of youth face masks from Jeune Otte available on its site. Each cover is made from 100% cotton and is both reusable and machine-washable. For every Jeune Otte mask purchased, Maisonette will donate five reusable adult masks to those in need.

19. State Billie Blooms Mask

These 100% cotton masks are machine-washable and feature a striking design on the front. State will donate one mask to Feeding America for every mask sold.

20. Kenneth Cole Wear In This Together Cotton Mask

Kenneth Cole's 100% cotton mask features a solid black design with the brand's logo on the bottom. The New York-based brand will donate $1.50 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for every mask purchased.

21. American Eagle Reusable Face Mask

American Eagle and Aerie have started offering face masks made with an antimicrobial finish and water-resistant design. The brand will donate 20% of proceeds to the Crisis Text Line.

22. Good American Denim Face Mask

For every denim reusable mask purchased, Good American will donate one mask to local businesses in need.

23. Alice and Oliva Staceface Protective Face Mask

Alice and Olivia is donating one mask for every mask sold. It currently offers this vibrant jersey mask with elastic straps.

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