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Fall weather is officially here — which means it's time to moisturize

One editor shared his secret to keeping his sensitive skin smooth during dry weather.
This magical pot of lightweight lotion changed my routine.
This magical pot of lightweight lotion changed my routine.tatcha/Instagram
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I consider myself a bit of a skin care junkie, but I haven't always loved every step of a typical skin care routine. While I've always loved trying new cleansers and face masks, I've always hated the feeling of slathering lotion on my face. Plus, my skin is ridiculously sensitive, and moisturizer seems to be the one product that bothers it the most.

That all changed during a random trip to Sephora last winter. I told a lovely associate about how dry my skin was feeling, but that I hated moisturizer. I expected her to just shrug and give me a lecture about how important moisturizing is, but she simply led me to a shimmering teal pot of magic: Tatcha's The Water Cream.

Tatcha The Water Cream

As the associate explained to me, the moisturizer starts out as a creamy lotion but transforms into a watery consistency once you start to rub it in. I was intrigued by the sound of a water-like moisturizer — and also remembered reading that the Duchess of Sussex is a fan of Tatcha — so I picked up a sample set to see if it would cure my dry skin woes.

When I applied it for the first time the next day, I was immediately hooked. Once I started to work the product into my skin, it simply felt like I was rubbing water all over my face. I was initially concerned that it was too light when it disappeared into my skin almost immediately, but the silky smooth feeling it left behind put those concerns to rest.

According to the brand, the cream includes Japanese wild rose to help tighten pores and Japanese leopard lily to clarify. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my pores, but my skin's texture has definitely never felt smoother.

After two weeks of using the sample size with zero irritation on my sensitive skin, I decided it was time to pick up the full size.

That's when I realized the only slight downside — a full jar is $68. This was quite a shock to my wallet, but I figured my skin is worth investing a little extra money in.

As my jar started emptying over the next few months, I knew I needed to find something a little more affordable to alternate between. That's when I heard one of my favorite beauty YouTubers, Jessica Braun, raving about the lightweight consistency of the CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion, so I decided to give it a shot and immediately ordered it online.

CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion

Thankfully, this has been the perfect companion to my pricey Tatcha obsession. The CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion doesn't have the magical cream-to-water consistency of The Water Cream, but it still sinks in quickly and my skin is loving the fragrance and oil-free formula. Though it's marketed for nighttime use, I've been using during the day to help my Tatcha jar last a little bit longer.

Now that I have a nice affordable option to alternate between, the only true downside of discovering Tatcha's The Water Cream is that I'm constantly tempted to try the entire line. My wallet isn't pleased with me, but my skin is truly living its best life.

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