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An expert shares 6 things you need to organize photos, batteries and more

Transform your home with these smart, affordable solutions.

With spring just around the corner, the time is right for shedding a few layers — in our wardrobes and in our homes. From clearing out closets and junk drawers to deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, a seasonal home reset always feels refreshing.

For our Shop This List series, organization expert Janelle Cohen stopped by TODAY to share smart solutions for getting our spaces in order. Her functional finds include a battery organizer (no more double buying!) and an under-the-sink turntable with adjustable dividers.

Better yet, all of the products she uses can be found at Target, making it extra easy for you to declutter and streamline your home. Keep scrolling to browse Cohen's picks, or add them all to your cart below in just one click.

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StoraBag 3 Slot Food Bag Organizer


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Battery Storage Organizer Carrying Case



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Battery Storage Organizer Case


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SinkSuite Under Sink Turntable



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Small Zipper Fabric Storage Cubes (Set of 2)


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Photo Storage Box with Handle and Cases for Pictures


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Wire Kids' Storage Floor Bin White


YouCopia StoraBag 3 Slot Food Bag Organizer

Plastic food storage bags come in flimsy cardboard boxes that can be difficult to fit neatly into drawers, so Cohen loves this solution from YouCopia. With three separate slots and 24 stick-on labels, this organizer will keep your drawer tidy and functional. The largest slot is great for gallon-size bags, the smaller one for sandwich or snack-size bags and the circular compartment for elastics, twist-ties or even bread tags. And it’s perfect for bulk buyers since you can refill it as needed by simply lifting the top off and reloading! According to Cohen, it's a five-minute fix — but a total game changer.

Elitra Home Battery Storage Organizer Carrying Case

Batteries are tricky to organize and easy to lose track of, which is why Cohen is into this carrying case. As she says, knowing where your batteries are can prevent double purchasing — a cost that adds up! This zippered organizer and carrying case makes it easy to see which types you have at a glance, thanks to 150 slots specifically sized for common batteries such as AAA, AA and D. It even comes with an LCD battery tester!

Editor’s Note: Our pick is now out of stock, but we found another item you might like below.

Elitra Home Battery Storage Organizer Case

This battery organizer not only keeps your batteries organized, but the clear lid makes them highly visible. It can hold up to 104 different sized batteries and can also be mounted onto the wall (perfect if you have a garage!).

YouCopia SinkSuite Under Sink Turntable

Cohen loves a turntable: "It's the GOAT of organizing products," she says. This one is extra handy because it's larger than your average lazy Susan and has adjustable dividers so you can customize each section size. Keep it under your kitchen or bathroom sink for cleaning products and personal care bottles, or use in your pantry for spices, sauces and more!

Brightroom Small Zipper Fabric Storage Cubes (Set of 2)

With the temperatures rising, many of us will soon be packing up our winter layers and replacing them with sundresses, flats and more warm weather looks. Cohen loves these Brightroom storage cubes for stowing and protecting sweaters and other out-of-season clothing. Low on drawer space? Use them for in-season folded clothing, or even accessories such as purses. The clear front panel makes it easy to see what's inside.

Iris Photo Storage Box with Handle and Cases for Pictures

Family photos are precious — yet many of us keep them floating around in shoe boxes, plastic bags and even junk drawers. If you find yourself in that camp, this photo storage box is for you! The exterior bin holds 16 small containers made for 4x6 photos — enough space for 1,600 photos total! Cohen uses this pick herself, noting that she organizes by family member and special events using the labels that come with the set, though you could sort by date or age, too. In case of emergency, there's even a handle for easy grab and go. Plus, the snap closures and rounded corners will help keep photos in good condition. Cohen has also used these for tech organizing — no more time wasted untangling cords!

Pillowfort Wire Kids’ Storage Floor Bin White

Any product that works double-duty is a win in our books — and this Pillowfort pick is no exception! With a removable wooden top, it serves as a stylish nightstand or end table while pulling a second shift as storage. Use it in a guest room to hold additional linens, a TV room to store blankets or even in a playroom; Cohen says it's a great place to keep kids' stuffed animals! It's an easy access, high-visibility spot to store your things, making life easier for little ones and adults alike.

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Meet the expert

  • Janelle Cohen is a professional home organizer, the founder of Straighten Up by Janelle and author of The Folding Book. In addition to making major media appearances, Cohen has worked with top names across entertainment and entrepreneurship. She has become known for creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful, using her expertise to help clients streamline and optimize their homes.