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Upgrade your bedtime routine with these sleep essential deals — starting at $7

Score discounts on mattresses, sheet sets and more.
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Let's face it, we could all stand to improve our sleep routines. Whether that means getting to bed earlier or creating a more ideal environment for rest, we could all benefit from quality Zs.

Thankfully, the week of March 12 to 18 is the National Sleep Foundation's Sleep Awareness Week, which is dedicated to recognizing sleep as a crucial part of your health. It also just so happens to be the time when many sleep brands, from Casper to Nectar Sleep, host big sales, discounting all kinds of bedroom essentials — meaning that it's a great time to upgrade your routine. (Especially considering we lost an hour of sleep when daylight saving time started on Sunday, March 12.)

So whether you need a new mattress, a set of pillows or are hoping to refresh your bedding before spring, we rounded up some of the best sleep deals that you can shop now.

Sleep Week bedding deals

Ettitude Beauty Sleep Bundle

Right now, you can grab Ettitude's sateen eye mask and pillowcase set for 20% off as part of the brand's Beauty Sleep Bundle. The pairing is a shopper favorite — one five-star reviewer even calls the set "amazing," continuing, "it actually keeps me cool; no more sweating and it's insanely soft."

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Topper

So you found the perfect mattress — great price, quality fabric and your partner loves it — but you've also come to discover something less than ideal: it's not comfortable. Luckily, Tempur-Pedic has a topper that can help your sleeping experience, thanks to adaptive pressure-relieving technology and a knit cover designed to keep you cool and dry.

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase (Set of 2)

You can score nearly 50% off this pillowcase, which is currently the No. 1 bestselling pillowcase on Amazon. The silky satin fabric is said to protect your skin and hair from scratches, creases and tugging to help boost your beauty sleep.

Utopia Bedding Bed Sheets Set (Queen)

You can score this sheet set for under $22 right now. The price is especially impressive, considering that the four-piece set has more than 101,000 perfect five-star ratings from shoppers. Made from a microfiber material, they're designed to be smooth, soft and fade- and shrink-resistant.

Mellanni Hotel Luxury Sheet Set (Queen)

Described as being breathable, moisture-wicking and silky to the touch, these sheets provide luxury feel at an affordable price point (and even more affordable right now, since they're on sale).

Luna Cooling Cotton Weighted Blanket (15 lbs)

Weighted blankets are said to help relieve anxiety and boost relaxation, and you can score this model for a discount to boost your sleep. It comes in a variety of weights, ranging from 10 to 25 pounds. Experts saying that looking for one that's 5 to 10 percent of your body weight is ideal.

Brooklyn Bedding Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket

If you're looking for something that will fit your laid-back bedroom aesthetic, this weighted blanket has a chic, hand-kit look. Thanks to Brooklyn Bedding's sale, you can get it for 25% off when you use the code WINTER25.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set (Queen)

Brooklinen is celebrating Sleep Week with a big site-wide 20% off sale. The brand's core sheet set is said to be perfect for hot sleepers, due to its cool and crisp percale weave.

Sleep Week pillow deals

Marlow The Pillow

When you buy two of these Marlow pillows (which are "backed by years of research" and NASA technology, according to the brand), you can save 20% on the pair — which ends up being less than the cost of one! This unique piece of bedding features anti-microbial materials, gel-infused memory foam with cooling fibers and a ventilated gusset for airflow and breathability.

Calpak Neck Pillow and Eye Mask

Sleeping while in the air can be tricky (and uncomfortable!). Calpak has you covered with a travel duo that will help you snooze anywhere. Not only are the neck pillow and eye mask made with a smooth, hypoallergenic and washable silk, but they're also on sale for nearly $60 off.

Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow from Royal Therapy has a gentle slope on each end — with one being higher than the other — so you can choose the side that best suits your preferred sleeping position. Plus, it has an additional memory foam layer that you can keep in or remove for customizable comfort.

Pillow Cube Sidekick Pillow

Don't be fooled by the unconventional look of this cube-shaped pillow, one Shop TODAY writer said that it's surprisingly comfortable. The shape is said to be great for side sleepers, as it may help with keeping your spine aligned as you sleep.

Casper Cozy Bundle

According to Casper, its Original Pillow features a unique pillow-in-pillow design, with a supportive inner pillow and a soft outer one, making it the perfect place to rest your head at night. With this bundle, you'll get two of the pillows along with a sheet set.

Sleep Week sleep accessory deals

Musicozy Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Score 43% off these top-rated sleep headphones, which let you enjoy music, podcasts and hands-free calls, all while helping you block out light and preparing you for a restful sleep.

Yiview Sleep Mask

If you're a light sleeper, even the smallest bit of light from your alarm clock or TV is enough to keep you tossing and turning at night. This sleep mask has a 3D ergonomic design, that is said to snugly fit on your face to block out all surrounding light. It also has memory foam cushioning around the eyes for added comfort.

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

Hoping to get a better idea of your sleep habits overall so you can make the necessary adjustments to your routine? This activity tracker can interpret your sleep characteristics at each stage and analyze your sleep quality to help you adjust your habits, the brand says.

Supceat Ear Plugs for Sleeping

If a snoring partner or noisy neighbors are what's preventing you from falling asleep, try these top-rated ear plugs. They have a soft silicone design that's made to fit snugly in your ear to block out noise. According to the brand, they can also be used for concerts, travel and more.

Jall Sunrise Alarm Clock

Say goodbye to your blaring alarm clock! This gadget is designed to wake you up with gradually increasing light, for a more gentle morning wake-up call. You can choose between seven different light colors, and if you need some noise to get you out of bed, there are also seven natural sounds that you can set to play.

Sleep Week mattress deals

Zinus 8 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

While President's Day weekend in February brought plenty of deals on mattresses, one expert previously told us that there tends to be a pretty big lull in mattress sales from now until Memorial Day weekend. But if you can't wait that long, there happens to be a ton of good deals happening right now. For example, we found this bestselling mattress for less than $200. It's made with a memorial foam material that is infused with green tea and ActivCharcoal, which absorbs moisture, the brand says.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Sleep is hosting a huge March Mattress Markdown event, so you can score 33% off everything on its site. This memory foam mattress boasts a cooling cover, a layer of plush gel-infused memory foam and a stable base layer, to give you the perfect foundation for sleep.

Brooklyn Bedding Propel Dual-Sided All-Foam (Full)

During Brooklyn Bedding's End of Winter Sale, you can score up to 50% off select mattresses and 25% off everything else on the site when you use the code WINTER25 at checkout. This dual-sided mattress is said to be the best "flippable" design, offering both a firm and soft side depending on the sleeper's preferences.

Casper Bestselling Bundle Original Mattress (Queen)

When it comes to mattress-in-a-box brands, Casper tends to be a top choice. And if you've been thinking about investing in one of the company's comfortable mattresses, now is a great time to do it. You can save almost $350 on this bestselling bundle, which comes with an Original Mattress, The Foundation box spring and a waterproof mattress protector, giving you everything you need to complete your new setup.

Linenspa Dreamer 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress

If you're looking for a good, basic mattress that won't cost you an arm and a leg, consider this one, which starts at just $169 right now. The hybrid option is said to be durable, comfortable and supportive.

Tuft and Needle Legacy T&N Original Mattress

Tuft & Needle is giving shoppers the chance to score up to $470 off one of its mattresses. The brand's Original Mattress is designed to comfortably fit with most frames to fit right into your sleep setup. Plus, along with cooling functions, it features Tuft & Needle's Adaptive Foam, which is said to provide pressure relief where you need it the most.