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QVC just launched new spring products — here are 16 beauty editor-approved picks

From skin care to makeup, here's what to shop now.
Illustration of Bobbi Brown Essential 5-in-1 Face Palette, Woman using a Lancer Exfoliating Peel Pads with Lactic Acid, and a Woman holding a bottle of ELEMIS Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter
TODAY Illustration / QVC

I don’t think it would be an understatement to say we’re looking forward to spring and all its possibilities, including rewarding ourselves for surviving this extraordinary year with some fabulous new beauty products. The great news: QVC has a star-studded roster of hair, skin, and makeup finds. The not-so-great news: it’s going to be hard to choose from their collection! To make things easier, I reviewed and tested a bunch of their spring offerings—here, my picks.

QVC Spring Beauty Products

IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Hydrating Lip Serum Treatment Trio

A show of hands if your lips have suffered from all this mask wearing! Mine are not only just dry, but I can see fine lines that were not noticeable pre-pandemic. Which is why this trio of products is tops on my spring to-buy list. You’ve heard how important it is to use a serum on your skin, right? Same applies to your lips. These serums include ingredients like butters, oils, and hyaluronic acid to smooth and hydrate, and they do so with zero drippiness.

The pink-based colors work on all skin tones — Je Ne Sais Quoi (a healthy-looking pink that elevates the natural flush of your lips), Naturally Pretty (with a hint of mauve) and Love (a pearlized pink that gives off a little shimmer). They’re so easy to apply, you don’t need a mirror, simply swipe and rub your lips together for long-lasting hydration.

The best part? You’re paying half of what you would if you purchased the products separately.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Acne Treatment Drying Lotion

A derm once told me the most important ingredients in a drying lotion are salicylic acid, sulfur and witch hazel. Guess what? This product has all three! The salicylic acid works deep in the skin to unclog pores, the sulfur (this one has 10%!) suppresses bacteria that causes acne and absorbs excess oil, while the witch hazel tightens pores.

Simply clean your skin, shake the bottle, and dip a cotton swab into the liquid and apply to your blemish before bed (you’ll want to do this at night as the lotion has a slightly aqua tint). You may experience some skin dryness, so be sure to start with a thin layer at first. The fluid also contains vitamin B5, a humectant that draws moisture to the area and helps soothe the skin.

Benefit They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara

This beauty brand is synonymous with mascara thanks to the dozen or so in their line — and now it has a new little sister! She’s a smarty, so prepare for a little science: The extender brush is made with a magnetically charged core that creates friction with the magnetic mineral and black iron oxide-enriched formula, creating a lash lengthening effect that supposedly extends lashes by 40% after the second coating.

I’m not sure it was 40%, but it definitely made my lashes longer and I love how clump-free the formula goes on. The zig-zag bristles make it easy to apply, just be sure to curl your lashes first and wait a few minutes between coatings. It’s a little pricey at $27, but you’re paying for the innovative technology and you’ll never need to spend money on extensions or fake lashes.

Beekman 1802 Milk Stick Invisible Deodorant

Founded by Dr. Brent Ridge (a former physician) and Josh Kilmer-Purcell (an ex-advertising executive), this beauty company is named after a mansion built in 1802 in Sharon Springs, New York. They make lots of skin and body products, but my favorite for spring is their invisible deodorant formulated from goat milk and botanicals (including rosemary extract, geranium, and lavender oils). But what this deodorant doesn’t contain is just as impressive — aluminum, artificial fragrance, sulfates, mineral oil, alcohol — need I go on?

Funny thing, I never sniffed my past deodorants before applying, but this one contains such a delicious smelling combo of citrus peel oil and coconut fruit extract, you almost don’t care if it works. (But it does!) Just understand this about natural deodorants—it can take your body up to a month to adjust (so don’t freak if you seem to sweat more or have a slight odor). It’s simply your body getting used to the aluminum-free formula.

Olaplex 4-Piece Complete Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

Ask top colorists for their recommendations when it comes to hair repair products, and this brand is always at the top of their lists. With its cult-like following among celebrities (hello Kylie Jenner and Julianne Hough), these hair products take an “inside out” approach to repair and prevention, working on a molecular level by restoring broken bonds resulting from chemical treatments, like coloring your hair. The main ingredient, bis-aminoproplly diglycol dimaleate (say that three times!), seeks and finds broken bonds on your hair strands and reconnects them ionically and covalently (that’s science speak for when it comes to how atoms and electrons work between your hair and the products).

With this package, you get the shampoo (concentrate on roots, then massage throughout the hair), daily conditioner (leave on for three minutes, then rinse), and the once-a-week hair treatment (apply and do not rinse) and perfector (leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing). The bottom line: If you use these four products consistently and as directed, your hair will become stronger and look a whole lot healthier.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, this product is now out of stock. Here are some other recommendations:

bareMinerals Loose Powder Matte Foundation SPF 15 Duo

So you don’t like wearing foundation but would love some type of coverage to even out your skin tone? What if I told you you could get those results with a powder that goes on light, doesn’t cause breakouts or settle into fine lines, leaves you with a matte finish, and has a SPF to boot? This foundation mineral powder contains the two top derm-approved non-chemical sunscreen ingredients (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), providing physical protection from damaging UV rays.

To apply, simply pour some powder onto the product’s cap, swirl a makeup brush onto the powder, tap away the excess, and then using the brush, draw small circles around your face, building up additional coverage if necessary. With thirty shades to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a color that suits your skin tone.

Josie Maran Argan & Hemp Nourishing Daily Hand & Body Wash Duo

Many cleansers can strip the body of natural oils because they’re loaded with skin-drying detergents and sulfates, one reason your skin can feel tight coming out of the shower. But this body wash uses 100% pure argan oil, derived from vitamin-E rich kernels that grow on argan trees in Morocco, combined with hydrating hemp seed oil to gently remove dirt and oils. Not that you should, but you could almost skip a body moisturizer out of the shower.

You rarely see a body wash double billed as a hand wash (check the box on this one), but having this emollient cleanser sitting by your sink makes sense, as we’re constantly washing our hands these days. Luckily, this comes in a duo!

Moonlit Skincare PM Powerhouse Set- Silk Mask & Toner

Right now, I have a nightstand filled with products to help me sleep (it was that way even before the pandemic), and I reach for them as I go through my pre-sleep checklist: Spritz the air with a relaxing mist, slip on an eye mask, and reach for my earplugs. Lucky for me, two of these three actions can be had with this duo set. The spritz is alcohol-free and contains only six ingredients, including distilled water and soothing aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, witch hazel, and rosemary oils.

It can also be used as a facial toner on clean skin, simply shake the bottle, spitz onto a cotton round, and swipe your face and neck or you can use it the more traditional way by spraying it over your bedding or your pillow. I like that it’s not too sweet-smelling and doesn’t dissipate a few seconds after spraying—it sticks around so you can inhale and take some deep breaths. Either way, you’ve set yourself up for a better night’s rest.

Bobbi Brown Essential 5-in-1 Face Palette

I’m a sucker for palettes, especially ones with large mirrors as they’re not only convenient, but makes for easy traveling. This one contains all my favorite hard-working essentials: a corrector (to neutralize darkness under the eyes), a sweat-and-crease resistant concealer (simply pat and blend—for when you need to lighten and brighten under the eyes), a foundation stick (you can apply it all over or only where you have concerns — as a smart foundation, it locates where your skin is oily and absorbs any excess, and discovers where your skin is dry and may need more moisture), a bronzer (apply it where the sun would hit your face — cheeks, nose, forehead, chin), and a sheer finish powder (that sets everything). My skin tone is fair, so there’s an option for me, but here’s a callout to the peeps at Bobbi Brown for some more deeper shade selections of this do-all palette.

Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter & Glow Priming Moisturizer

This delicious looking orange-y cleanser feels so good going on and melts away your makeup so well, you may find yourself spending extra time at the sink washing your face. Use it to remove makeup, or create a deep cleansing mask by keeping it on a little longer. Either way, the result will be glowing, more healthy-looking skin. The ingredients include fermented pumpkin and acerola cherry, natural exfoliating enzymes and mango seed oil butter, which provides hydration. Bonus: you also get a face priming moisturizer with skin brightening mica to apply under your makeup, helping it go on more smoothly and last longer.

Lancer Gentle Exfoliating Peel Pads

Think you’ll never be a candidate for an exfoliating product because you have sensitive skin? Simply looking for a basic introduction to the whole facial exfoliation process? These are just two of the reasons Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer created these individually wrapped skin brightening exfoliators pads.

They’re soaked in a natural, plant-derivative called bakuchiol, 7% lactic acid, and a papaya fruit acid — which, when combined, offer the same skin exfoliating benefits as retinol without the irritating side effects. Also included: an oat bran extract to help skin retain moisture. Simply tear open the packet and swipe the wipe across your cleansed face and neck (every other evening), to reveal a smoother, brighter skin below — with no stinging. Allow the fluid a few minutes to absorb and dry, then follow up with a moisturizer. And for those who are tired of traveling with breakable bottles and leaky tubes of exfoliators, this just may be your new on-the-go exfoliating solution.

Triforce Hardside Beauty Case with Removable Interior Panel

Leave it to luxury luggage company Triforce to create a functional yet stylish hard-shell carrying case for all of your beauty products. It’s perfect for storing makeup, brushes, and skin care and comes with a convenient removeable pouch that you can hang, great for when you’re traveling (and there’s another wipeable pouch for holding spillables like liquid foundation or skin toner). Even more: there’s a shoulder strap and an elastic side band that slips over your luggage handle to make for easy runs through airports. There are nine styles to choose from — I’m loving the leopard print and the vintage-looking black quilted options. For less than $50, they are great when you need a birthday, bridal, or Mother’s Day gift!

Elizabeth Grant Torricelumn Absolute Hydrating Lip Treatment

Our lips are one of our most neglected parts of our body, especially coming off a long and cold winter. Which is why you should seriously consider the supercharged moisturizers you’ll find in this lip mask. No surprise, three of them are oils—coconut, camelia, and rinicus communis, along with hydrators shea butter, aloe leaf juice, vitamin E and panthenol. With its yummy vanilla flavor, you can apply it throughout the day to soften and hydrate, or use as an overnight mask. Be sure to apply it using the tiny spatula—no finger dipping means there’s less chance of introducing bacteria into the jar.

Isle of Paradise Super-Size Tanning Body Butter

As someone who hasn’t sunbathed since her early twenties, I try out a lot of self-tanners. This product caught my eye because it’s called a self-tanning butter and because it contains natural ingredients—including coconut, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils. So I patch tested it on my thigh first, and wow, the color really showed (I mean really showed). So much so that I wasn’t going to recommend it but I know there’s an audience who prefers an instant, darker coverage (one reason this product is often sold out!).

The directions say to use it as needed, but after almost a week and multiple showers, the color has not faded. And it’s not just because I have fair skin—my dark-complected husband had the same results. The pump makes it easy to apply, plus it’s got a nondescript, almost pleasant scent, unlike most self-tanners. Housekeeping notes: be sure to exfoliate your skin for a flake-free application, use this on your body only and be sure to patch test, and keep in mind it doesn’t contain SPF—you’ll still need a sunscreen.

Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Brightening Cream

Dermatologists have long stressed the benefits a daily dose of vitamin C has on the skin—it not only promotes collagen production (which can firm skin and diminish lines), but also acts as an antioxidant, protecting skin by neutralizing damaging free radicals caused by the sun’s UV rays. This cream is packed with vitamin C 5% THD Ascorbate, a premier ingredient that remains stable in the jar (stability can be a problem with some vitamin C products), as you use the product to fight skin aging. But it doesn’t stop there — it also contains exopolysaccharides, polymers that shield the skin from pollution particles found in smog, along with a chamomile extract called bisabolol that’s often found in baby products to calm sensitive skin. It’s pricy, but you’re saving $18 by getting the duo, which allows you to keep one in your bathroom and the other in your travel kit.

IT Cosmetics Full Coverage Physical SPF50 CC Cream with Plush Brush

I began my list with a product from this brand and I’ll end my list on the same note. This is hands down my favorite foundation because it looks so natural. It was developed by plastic surgeons, comes in 12 shades, and provides a truly flawless finish. Plus, you only need a pea-size drop to cover your entire face (luckily, a Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush is included for easy blending). Need more? It’s filled with vitamins (A, B, C, ad E), antioxidants, collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, and contains SPF of 50, perfect for all of our sunny days ahead.