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This derm-approved pillow helped clear my skin — now I bring it with me everywhere

It's so comfortable, you’ll never use a regular pillow again.
TODAY Illustration / Purple

While I worked as an editor in the health space, I learned that an easy way to ensure you wake up looking and feeling great is by choosing the right pillow. That's why, in about 10 years' time, I probably tested over 100 different types of pillows — from down to cotton to memory foam. You name it, I've most likely rested my head upon it.

However, even with a decade's worth of research under my belt, I never found one that lessened my morning neck and back pain — until I tried the Purple Harmony Pillow. After my first night using it, I woke up without feeling any body aches or neck stiffness. Unsurprisingly, it's become a staple in my sleep routine.

Purple Harmony Pillow

What does the Purple Harmony Pillow do?

According to the brand, this hypoallergenic pillow uses the same cushioning technology and GelFlex layer as its popular mattresses to offer no-pressure support. These components, along with a Talalay latex core, explain why I feel such a strong squishy sensation every time I use it. As soon as my head hits the pillow, the gel molds to me for a customized and comfortable fit. And even though the pillow features a honeycomb-shape design, I never wake up with sleep lines imprinted on my face.

The ventilated inner and moisture-wicking mesh cover also provide instant coolness and continuous air flow, so my head doesn’t perspire at night. This dry sleeping surface has not only been helpful for improving sleep comfort, but it's also been especially important for keeping my skin clear.

“Sweat often mixes with oil and dirt on the skin when you sleep and can block the pores, so you reduce your chances of acne breakouts [with] less moisture on your pillow," Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital, and a user of the Purple Harmony Pillow, shared.

With other pillows, I used to wake up to breakouts, especially in my chin area. They either lacked ventilation — causing the heat to mix with the oils on my face — or included materials that agitated my skin. At one point, I even stopped applying moisturizer to see if that would help (it didn't). But after sleeping on the Purple pillow, my skin looks much better, and I'm back to applying my regular nightly beauty products without experiencing morning skin issues.

It's supportive, durable and comfortable (for all types of sleepers)

In addition to its skin benefits, Dr. Zeichner also attests to the pillow's support and durability. "I love this pillow because of its cool factor and because its flexible cushion offers the perfect combination of support and comfort," he said. “Plus, this pillow maintains its shape over time, whereas other alternatively filled pillows tend to clump or get firm. When I leave the city on weekends, it comes with me in its own travel bag.”

Many sleep specialists stress that having proper spinal alignment in bed is crucial is to achieving pain-free mornings. Because I’m a side sleeper (according to the Sleep Foundation, the most common sleep position), I’ve been told I need a firm yet thick pillow — that anything too thin or fluffy would put a strain on the underside of my neck. Luckily, the Purple Harmony Pillow comes in three different height sizes that can accommodate all types of sleepers: Low (for stomach and back sleepers), Medium and Tall (the latter two for side or combination sleepers).

It comes with two booster inserts (1” and ½”), so you can easily adjust your pillow's thickness by adding or removing layers. The cover is also machine-washable in cold water — just lay it flat to dry — but the brand says to limit the latex core to spot cleaning only.

Like Dr. Zeichner, I never travel without this pillow. It comes with me to hotels, to other homes I'm a guest at — I even took it on a recent trip to Italy, which allowed for a great night’s sleep on an overnight flight. It may be pricey, but I promise, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never buy a regular pillow again.