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8 helpful kits that take the stress out of pumpkin carving

We found options for as low as $7!
father and sons carving halloween pumpkins in kitchen
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Fall is officially here and Halloween is right around the corner — which means it's time to pick out your costume and start decorating! If you're looking to get in the Halloween spirit by carving your own jack-o'-lantern, now is the perfect time to make sure you have all of your supplies handy.

If pumpkin carving typically stresses you out, a helpful carving kit can make all the difference when creating your magnificent masterpieces! They usually come with everything you'll need to get the job done (minus the pumpkins, of course) and they make it easy for you and your family to stay organized and mess-free.

We found eight popular kits that you'll want to add to your cart before you start carving your next work of art!

1. Skinosm Pumpkin Carving Kit

This pumpkin carving kit is an Amazon Choice product and a great option if you're on a budget! For less than $12, you get one pumpkin scooper, one large saw, one small saw, one drill, one poker wheel, two LED candles and 10 carving stencils to help guide your creativity.

2. Elmchee Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tool Set

This set made by Elmchee is Amazon's No. 1 bestselling pumpkin carving kit and it comes in a handy tool case to keep everything organized. The set includes stainless steel pumpkin scoopers, sturdy tooth saws, circle punches and more.

3. Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Carving Kit

Freehanding your own designs can be difficult. To make things easier for the kids (and you!), consider buying this kit made by Pumpkin Punches that includes 31 design shapes and 30 pattern guides.

4. Augsun Wood Carving Knife Set

If you consider yourself a pro pumpkin carver, it's time to upgrade to this 12-piece set of carbon-steel tools. They're technically made for wood carving but will work as a pumpkin carving kit too!

5. Keshi Cordless Rotary with 42-Piece Accessory Kit

For those who are short on time, consider this electric rotary tool to help speed up the process! It's cordless, has three speeds and comes with 42 swappable heads to delicately create all the DIY projects of your dreams.

6. FunWorld Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit

If you want to create a fun and festive activity for your kids but aren't interested in shelling out a lot of cash, this pumpkin carving kit will certainly do the job. It includes 10 stencils and all the necessary tools you'll need.

7. Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit

This Pumpkin Masters kit is another low-cost option. It contains a variety of patterns and difficulty levels that make it easy for the whole family to get involved. You also receive one crayon, four saws, one pumpkin scooper and one poker tool.

8. X-ACTO Hobbytool Set

If you're not afraid to spend a little extra cash, consider buying this X-ACTO set that's built to last you for many years to come.

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