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This penguin humidifier is perfect for kids (or kids at heart)

Now I want one for every room!
Amanda Smith

I used to make fun of my dad for the humidifiers he put around the house every winter. They looked so ugly, took up too much space and felt completely unnecessary.

But every winter it would happen again. The air would get colder and I would have to reapply lotion three, four, even five times a day! It was like no amount of lotion could help me fight the dry air that came with the season.

Then last year my sister gave me a Christmas present that changed my life: a humidifier of my own. Better yet — it was shaped like a penguin! If you're not a penguin person, it also comes shaped like a bumblebee, elephant, hippo and other cute animals that would be perfect for a kids' room — or a kid at heart!

Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

It features a 1-gallon tank that provides a cool mist for up to 24 hours. It also has a handy shutoff feature once the tank is empty.

It seems like a small thing, but I had no idea the difference this one product would make on my life.

I don’t have to bathe in lotion anymore!

Using a humidifier has saved me so much money on moisturizer. I hate to say it, but my dad was right. Having a humidifier is the only way to stay comfortable during the seasonal dry spells.


It’s so cute!

The only humidifiers I had seen in the past were frankly eyesores that you had to hide in a back room. Until last year, I did not know you could get a humidifier that looked like an animal, let alone an adorable winter penguin! This cute humidifier fits in with all of my winter holiday decorations that I proudly display it in my living area for all to see.


It doesn’t take up too much space!

In a small apartment, space is always a major consideration. While many humidifiers can be large and overwhelming, this one was made for a small space. The great thing about this humidifier is that it fits on my window sill where it's out of the way.

This amazing gift has completely changed my view on humidifiers. Now that I know you can get them as animals, I’m tempted to get a whole zoo for every room of my apartment!

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