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TikTok got me hooked on this heatless hair curler — it's finally back in stock

I've tried many hair curling hacks, but this one delivers the best results yet.
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

Just when I thought I've tried every kind of heatless hair curler imaginable, my TikTok feed says "think again" by showing me yet another must-have tool going viral on the app.

This time, I have TikToker @erinduganjurchak to blame (or, thank) for getting me hooked on the Octocurl, a curling headband that offers countless ways to curl and wave your hair. Her video showing how to use the tool has over 20 million views, and the hashtag #octocurl has been seen by nearly 29 million people. As high as those numbers are, I'm not shocked, especially after seeing Jurchak's near-perfect results.

Since my quest to find the best heatless curlers is apparently never-ending, I had to try it for myself. And now you can, too — because the sell-out hair tool is finally back in stock.

Octocurl Heatless Hair Curlers

There are so many styles to try

Before ordering, make sure you choose the Octocurl that works best for your hair length. With four different sizes to choose from — short, standard, long and extra long — there's something for everyone. They even have kids' sizes for the beauty gurus in training. There are also several patterns available in three different fabrics: microfiber, satin and cotton poplin. The Octocurl site features a comparison guide to help you figure out which length and fabric works best for your hair type. After a quick look at the guide, I opted for a size long in the cotton material.

It may not look it, but this was one of the easier heatless hair tools I've tried. The hardest part was deciding which method to try first. The Octocurl comes with a detailed booklet that includes easy-to-follow instructions, styling tips and several different curling approaches — from bouncy spirals to "hair bends" to beach waves, and so many more. My hair falls on the thicker side and can flatten easily, so I chose the "Voluminous Body" method to start.

Associate editor Danielle Murphy wearing the Octocurl Heatless Hair Curler
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

It's easy to use

I followed the instructions to section off my crown pieces before placing the Octocurl onto my head. For overnight curls, the directions say you can start with dry hair to avoid potential frizz, but I used a spray bottle since I know my hair curls best when a little damp.

After that, all I had to do was separate my hair into equal sections, wind each strand around one of the strips — the same way you would while using a curling wand — and secure the ends with the attached elastic loop. For softer curls, the brand suggests wrapping hair around two strips at a time. Just make sure to comb through each strand before wrapping, so that it doesn't dry with tangles. It took me about 20-25 minutes to do my whole head, and I'm pretty sure I can knock 5-10 minutes off next time now that I know what I'm doing.

It's comfortable enough to sleep in

Believe it or not, this tool was actually enjoyable to sleep in. The cotton poplin material is soft and cushiony, so resting my head on each strip was like sleeping with extra mini pillows. The elastic band around the forehead might be uncomfortable for some, but after adjusting the sizing, I barely noticed it for the rest of the night.

One thing I should note: Make sure to do your night routine before curling. Washing up and brushing my teeth was a challenge while wearing this and changing in and out of pajamas felt like nothing less than an acrobatics exercise.

It really works

The next morning, I unwrapped each strand and found a full head of tight coils. Since I placed the elastic headband below my crown pieces, I was able to avoid unflattering crimping at the roots. I used my fingers to break apart each curl.

The brand recommends finishing your style with a hair oil, so I went in with the Olaplex Bonding Oil to tame any leftover flyaways. I also gave my roots a boost with a detoxing dry shampoo.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

I was impressed with how tight these curls managed to get with zero heat — but not as impressed as I was about the staying power. Plus, I didn't experience any frizzing problems despite wetting my hair the night before. I don't normally go for such a dramatic curl, so I'm looking forward to trying a looser wave style and seeing if the results are just as exciting and long-lasting.