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These $22 jeggings from Amazon understand my curves in a way denim rarely does

I used to hate leggings — but this pair changed my mind.
Courtesy PJ Gach

First, let me get this out of the way. I’m not a leggings broad. I’m feeling rather spicy towards Miuccia Prada for bringing them back. A lot of my friends wear leggings. They look good in them. Some of them wear jeggings. Me? I haven’t worn leggings in over ten years. I’m good with that. But, when I was offered the opportunity to try out No Nonsense’s Classic Jeggings, I had to see why my friends lived in them. 

No Nonsense Classic Jeggings

Colorways: 8 | Sizes: S-3XL | Fabric: 61% Cotton, 32% Polyester, 7% Spandex

How do the No Nonsense jeggings feel?

The fabric is a stretchy cotton blend and soft. How soft are they? They’re as comfy as your favorite pair of cotton lounge pants. You know what? That’s how they feel when I have them on (I’m wearing them as I write this): Like I’m wearing cotton loungewear. But I can wear them outside and look stylish! 

What’s the No Nonsense jeggings style?

No Nonsense’s jeggings come in eight colors, from black to summery white. The style is based on classic skinny jeans. Unlike skinny jeans, you can breathe in them. That’s because they have leggings genes. So, leggings that look like jeans? Yes. Unlike skinny jeans, the waistband doesn’t wander around or give my butt plumber’s cleavage. They have a mid-rise waistband, two faux front pockets, and two working back pockets.

Why I love the No Nonsense jeggings

They fit like a good hug. Let me explain: I have an hourglass body shape. My waist is small, but my hips are … wide. My body type makes jeans shopping a joy—not. Often, the waistband is too big if the jeans fit me on the hips. 

Conversely, my lower body is in pain if jeans fit me on the waist. For my health and sanity, I buy jeans that fit my hips. This means the waistband may slip, slide, or move to the side when I move. I’m so used to adjusting my jeans that I don’t realize I’m doing it.

The No Nonsense jeggings, however, intuitively understand my curves and give me a great fit and a great look. 

When I first wore the No Nonsense jeggings, my body felt happy. Everything fits in the right places. Nothing dug into my tummy or thighs, and whoo, boy! I could easily bend my legs. No Nonsense’s jeggings’ waistband stays in place, so it felt odd not to have to constantly adjust it. 

What I don’t like about the No Nonsense jeggings

While I like the elastic waistband, I wish there was a bit more “give” to them. When I first pulled them on, I had to really stretch out the waistband to get over my hips; I swear I heard a noise when I did so. 

Secondly, the tummy area doesn’t suck you in. There isn’t a power mesh to hold your tummy or lift your back end. I’m a little overweight. Usually, I can hide my tummy by wearing high-rise jeans or trousers. If I wear a dress, I am wearing shapewear underneath. Because nothing holds in my tum, I am uncomfortable tucking in a shirt into the No Nonsense jeggings waistband. When I wear these leggings (and yes, I am still wearing them as I write this), I pair them with either tunics or long tops to cover that area. If they sucked in my tummy, I would love them more. 

How I style the No Nonsense jeggings

What I like about these jeggings is that they are so easy to dress up or down. I have worn them with pretty floral-print tunics and ballet flats, as well as blazers and Chelsea boots. They even look adorable when worn with an oversized cardigan and sneakers. 

How I would use the No Nonsense jeggings in the future

If I’m going on a trip, I would use these leggings as part of my capsule wardrobe. The dark wash elevates the style so I can wear them with a satin top and heels for dinner. While sightseeing, I would pop on an oversized tee and moto jacket. If I need to look polished, pairing the leggings with a blazer and heels is a nod to the quiet luxury trend. It’s a classic outfit that will take me anywhere from a chic restaurant to visiting a museum or gallery to cocktails. In short, they’re incredibly versatile.

My final verdict on the No Nonsense jeggings

I look for clothing like the No Nonsense leggings because they can do double or triple duty. I live in a tiny studio apartment with mouse-sized closets. Anything that I buy must work with what I own. I need things that are a foundation for many looks. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try out the No Nonsense denim leggings. I’m now a leggings fan! I can wear them anywhere, with anything, feel comfortable and look good. 

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