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This cute hand soap sold out after going viral on TikTok — here's how you can get it

"This was the cutest thing I've ever purchased!!" one reviewer wrote.
Courtesy Daniella Musacchio

We've always known that washing our hands regularly is important, but over the last two years, the habit has been at the forefront of our minds (and for good reason). So by now, most of us have our routines down pat: Lathering our hands with soap for about 20 seconds (while quietly singing "Happy Birthday"), rinsing and usually following up with a soothing lotion (especially in the dryer months).

But just because we have the process down to a science, doesn't mean we can't make it a little more fun. And TikTok has just the thing that will do that: The MyKirei by KAO Foaming Hand Soap. The dispenser — which leaves behind a flower-shaped dollop of soap when you push down on the pump — originally went viral on TikTok back in the spring of 2021, and was nearly impossible to get afterward. Its cute design captured the attention of many users on the app, and the #flowersoap tag has since acquired more than 40 million views.

We tried to get our hands on the soap last year after it went viral, but it was repeatedly sold out — and it wasn't until recently that we noticed that it was finally back in stock.

MyKirei by KAO Foaming Hand Soap with Japanese Yuzu Flower

The main draw of the soap is its adorable floral design (one reviewer even called it the "cutest thing I've ever purchased"), but that's not the only benefit. The brand says it's made with vitamin C-rich yuzu extract and rice water, which is said to nourish and hydrate skin. One Shop TODAY writer who has tried dozens of hand soaps listed the formula as one of her go-to options for keeping her hands feeling clean, soft and supple. Plus, users say the citrus scent "smells amazing."

Beyond that, the brand says that because of its design (which only requires you to use one hand), it's great for kids, elderly people and people with disabilities. "My son has CP in one arm making pumping soap difficult and messy," one reviewer wrote. "This is perfect for him to use with one hand and does not make a soapy mess. Dispenses the perfect amount. Would be great for young children or anyone with issues like arthritis."

Many other reviewers have noted that it actually gets their kids excited to wash their hands (which, as parents know, is a pretty big deal). Though, that doesn't mean that adults can't enjoy it, too. "I never would have thought that washing my hands as an adult could be so much fun!" one shopper raved. "Pumping a flower onto my hands is so whimsical!"

While $18 may seem like a lot to spend on soap, the dispenser is refillable, so once you finish the bottle, you can buy a refill pack for less than $13. The refill pouches are made with 86 percent less plastic and are 100 percent recyclable, the brand says, so they're more sustainable than buying another plastic bottle of soap.

After the original version went viral, the brand released an equally-cute paw print that has also gotten some love on TikTok and seems like the perfect choice for pet lovers.

MyKirei by KAO Foaming Hand Soap

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