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Nothing has ever cleaned my shower as well as this $5 tool

I used to hate scrubbing the tub until I tried this drugstore favorite.
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I think I’m not alone when I say this: I hate cleaning my shower. It’s physically hard, time-consuming, and I never feel like I get it squeaky clean even after all the effort.

Until now…

I picked up Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber and tried it out, and let’s just say I have never been more satisfied with a cleaning product — ever!

The Magic Shower-Cleaning Solution

What is it?

If you’re a fan of Magic Erasers you already know how well they work getting stains, grime and marks off things like walls and other surfaces in your home.

Similar to the original Magic Eraser, this one is made specifically for the bathroom. According to the company, Magic Eraser Bath is 30% bigger than the original product and has a more durable scrubbing surface. Plus it’s scented with Febreze Meadows and Rain.

Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber

How does it work?

The cleaning pad looks just like a sponge, and when you wet it, a foamy soap appears. Use it to scrub all surfaces of your bathroom including the tub, sink, shower and even the grout. While you do need to put a little muscle into it, it’s no more than you would with a regular sponge (perhaps even less depending on what area you’re cleaning.)

How well does it actually work?

I can’t describe the level of excitement I had when I used it on my shower and saw the soap scum and grime disappear before my eyes. I had been using a standard bathroom cleaner spray and power scrub brush (the electric kind that spins on its own) for years and have never seen my shower sparkle as well as it did when using this.

The Magic Eraser did to this shower what no cleaning spray has done in the past year.

One of my biggest areas of gripe in my shower is the grout. It’s hard to clean and looks so dirty over time. The spray I was using just didn’t cut it. With a few swipes of the Magic Eraser Foaming Bath pad, I was able to make it look like the day we moved in.

It cleans dirty grout quickly.

Another problem area in our shower is the glass door. I love it, but over the past year we’ve been in our house, soap scum has made it look cloudy. I’ve tried other cleaning products including a window and glass cleaner, but nothing worked. That is until Magic Eraser Bath made it look crystal clear again.

The soap scum cloudiness on the glass shower door is totally gone after using the product.

It’s the kind of product you want to tell people about.

A couple of days after I bought the product, my sister randomly texted in our family group chat to rave about how she used it and how it totally transformed her shower. The funny thing is that she didn’t know I had already planned to use it, too.

A week later, my mom texted that she, too, tried it out and was — I quote — “having too much fun with it!” (Yes, our family apparently gets really excited about cleaning.) One of her favorite features was how easily it got out the hair color buildup in her shower. “No bath cleaner has gotten rid of it,” she wrote. (And yes, I know we sound like an infomercial, but seriously, neither of them knew I was writing this review as they were discussing it.)

Is it worth it?

I’m totally hooked on this product and plan to use it in my bathroom going forward. If you have an original Magic Eraser lying around already, you can also use that in your bathroom, too. The bathroom-specific one just has a few more features like the fresh scent and stronger durability that make it great for your shower.

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