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By Julie Pennell

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My mom is a trove of wise words. She has a few nuggets of advice that have been on repeat for as long as I can remember: “You get what you pay for,” “Things usually work out for the best” and, of course, the most important, “Always have a can of Woolite at your house.”

The story goes that my mom, a brave woman who dared to have white carpet and a white couch while raising two young kids in her home, served us red spaghetti one night for dinner. “Your sister walked over to the couch and dumped her entire plate on it,” she told me. “It looked like a crime scene after I removed the noodles.”

But she got out her trusty can of Woolite, and the red sauce magically disappeared. “The couch looked as white as the day I bought it,” she recalled.

Woolite Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover, $4, Walmart

Thanks to this story and my mom’s advice, I’ve almost always stashed a can of the cleaning product in any home I’ve lived in during my adult life.

It works like magic

It saved me plenty of times — when my friend accidentally spilled half her glass of red wine on my tan upholstered chair or when my now 7-month-old baby spit up on the white rug in his nursery after eating carrots.

The mess just disappears — it really is like magic!

Woolite can treat all those tough stains that come along with kids and pets including tracked-in mud, vomit, urine and poop. It not only cleans it but eliminates the odor, too.

The built-in brush is handy

The can comes with a built-in brush that you can use to scrub the foam cleaner into the fabric. Just spray a little onto the spot (after blotting up any excess with a cloth) and rub it in until it’s gone. Then use a wet rag to rinse the treated area.

I’ve never had a spot it couldn’t remove, although I’ve always done it when the mess was fresh.

Is it worth it?

There was a dark time when I didn’t have Woolite in my house (cover your ears, Mom!). It was before Amazon was big, and the little bodegas in my neighborhood didn’t seem to sell it. I used another brand and remember it not working as well.

Need more proof that it works? The top review for the product on Amazon is from someone who has a pot-bellied pig in the house and attested, “This stuff has the carpets looking and smelling like new.”

If you don't have a washable rug in your home, this is the next best thing!

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