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Mother's Day can be a difficult time — 25 thoughtful gifts for the person who's grieving

Send love to anyone mourning the loss of a parent.
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/ Source: TODAY

No matter how old you are, dealing with the loss of a parent can shake you to your core. We're usually at a loss for words when comforting friends or family in this kind of delicate situation, especially during holidays like Mother's Day, but sending a token of our love to emphasize that we're here whenever they need us is a thoughtful (and appreciated) move.

If you find yourself looking for more ways to help from afar, we've rounded up several thoughtful sympathy gifts to help keep the memory of their parent alive.

Best sympathy gifts for the loss of a parent

Hallmark Light Candle Holder

Use your favorite candle to light up this holder, that reminds you that while things are hard now, easier days are coming.

Joycuff Memorial Necklace

Available in Mom and Dad varieties (in addition to other family members), this memorial necklace has two heart chains, with one that reads "God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart" and another that says "Mom" or "Dad." It also has an angel wing charm on the side.

Daily Prayers for Grieving Hearts Devotional Book

For those who need daily and consistent reminders that it's all going to be okay, gift this devotional book that includes short passages to read through each day as well as a brief prayer.

Joycuff Remembrance Cuff Bangle

Sentimental jewelry, like this sleek remembrance cuff, is an easy way for some people to keep their late mother close to their heart. The style comes in several varieties, with various phrases to represent the lasting bond between a parent and child.

Kamieatapple Personalized Angel Wings Keychain

Carrying a subtle reminder of the love they shared with their mother is an easy way to keep them close, which makes a personalized keychain a great option to gift someone who's experiencing a loss. This double sided photo keychain even has angel wings on the bottom, and can be hung from their car's rear view mirror or attached to their keys.

Flights in Stilettos Reflection Grief Journal

To process grief, some of us turn to reflection to find peace. And that's exactly what this grief journal encourages as it guides you through daily writing prompts to understand what you're feeling following the death of a family member.

Personalized Memorial Heart Ornament

The holidays can be particularly tough when a parent has recently passed away, but a personalized ornament can help carve out a place of honor on their tree to pay tribute for years to come. Designed with angel wings, a name/year and the phrase "Your wings were ready, but my heart was not," this porcelain ornament is a meaningful gift to give someone who needs a little boost as they approach the end of the year.

Tuobsm Memorial Picture Hanging Board

Selecting a few photos to memorialize a parent in a collage can be tough, but this picture hanging board lets them regularly rotate the photos to keep their memory alive. It's also great for teaching young children about a grandparent they never had the chance to meet.

A Few Spare Moments Engraved Wooden Spoon

Anyone who loved spending time in the kitchen with their mom or dad will cherish this special wooden spoon. The sturdy utensil is engraved with the following phrase that will make them think fondly of their beloved parent: "Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home."

Memorial Glass Suncatcher

Everyone deals with loss in their own unique way, and some people gravitate towards more subtle tributes to a lost loved one. For instance, a personalized glass suncatcher blends in seamlessly with other household decor and honors a parent in a subtle yet sweet way.

Wild Wishes Shop Hugs From Heaven Throw Blanket

When you can't get a real hug from your parents, a special blanket can envelop you in comfort and make you think of all the love you shared. Complete with a thoughtful poem, this one can be customized with a name at the bottom and comes in two color options (white and gray).

Lovepop Sympathy Tulip Bouquet

Flowers are a thoughtful gesture, but their fleeting lifespan can sometimes be a sad reminder when dealing with a loss. Luckily, these paper tulips will last a lifetime and serve as a constant reminder of the love you have for your friend when they are dealing with the death of a parent.

Personalization Mall Engraved Memorial Photo Keepsake Box

Looking through old photos can bring back happy memories even when your parent is gone. But instead of keeping them in a boring shoe box, a personalized keepsake box can add a special touch. This one can be engraved with a phrase, name and dates, and features a photo on the lid.

BrandonScottAD Sympathy Frame

Photo frames are a dime a dozen, but a customized one with a special message can be a great way to memorialize a parent. This sympathy frame is an affordable option and comes in two colors — black and gray — and multiple background color options.

Forget Me Not Necklace

Now their loved one will always be by their side with this 'forget me not' necklace that features the flower and the option to personalize it with an engraving on the back. Made with either silver or gold stainless steel, reviewers love this necklace because "it is a beautiful sentiment," adding that it's "such a lovely way to honor someone!"

Cardinal Hooked Pillow

It's often been said that a cardinal spotting is a sign of a loved one lost visiting to check in, stop by and see how you're doing. Commemorate them with this hooked pillow so you can always have sight of a cardinal.

Willow Tree Angel of Remembrance Figurine

Place this statue next to a photo of your loved one, or on your nightstand or a mantle, for constant reminders that your guardian angel is looking down from above.

Celebration of Life Memorial Lantern

Light always symbolizes hope, and this memorial lantern lets the light of a lost loved one shine on. It has a poetic phrase on the front glass and a pair of cardinals that make the design even more aesthetically pleasing. It's also a statement decor piece that works in any setting — indoors or outdoors.

Alex and Ani Always in My Heart Charm Bangle

The engraved message on this Alex and Ani charm says it all: a lost parent is always in your heart. The expandable bangle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves sentimental jewelry and is a statement piece they'll hold close to their heart forever.

Shutterfly Foliage Surround Wall Cross

Many people turn to their faith during tough times, and a commemorative cross can bring comfort to anyone who is missing their mom or dad. Shutterfly's affordable option has room for a name, dates, photo and a prayer, and has a peaceful foliage design.

Blessed Birdy Boutique Memorial Shadow Box

This 8x10 shadow box offers beautiful symbolism with its tree design and touching phrase that reads, "A limb has fallen from our family tree that says grieve not for me, remember the best times, the laughter, the songs, the good life I lived while I was strong." It can stand on a table or be hung on a wall, and comes in three frame colors.

Personalization Mall Personalized Garden Stepping Stone

With the ability to customize with your loved one's name and the duration of their life, this stepping stone also features a greenery design, making it the perfect addition to any garden. There's also stones available with floral designs, in heart shapes, or text-only options.

Personalization Mall Personalized Heart Clock

Time heals all wounds, and this heart-shaped clock serves as a reminder that although your parent is gone, you will be OK in the long run. The chic design can be customized with a phrase, name and years and comes in four color options.

Shutterfly Classic Loving Memory Personalized Frame

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a collage frame can mean everything to someone who just lost a parent. The 8x10 frame can be hung or displayed on a desk and comes with enough room to display several photos to represent a life well-lived.

Personalization Mall In Memory Engraved Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a classic timepiece that never go out of style, and this one can be personalized with a five-line message to commemorate the loss of a loved one. It's a practical gift, but also a meaningful way to carry your deceased parent's memory around with them.