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Exclusive: Mariah Carey on her new holiday collection and why Christmas is special on a 'soul level'

Plus, she responded to Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving plea.
Courtesy Unilever

For many of us, the holiday season doesn't officially start until Mariah Carey says it does. So when we saw last week that she had posted a video declaring that, "IT’S TIME!" we immediately cued up "All I Want For Christmas is You" and started spreading the cheer.

And this year, the multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter and global icon is making the happiest season feel even more special by collaborating with beauty and home brand  ​Find Your Happy Place on a line of bath and body products that are inspired by her favorite season.

"Honestly, Christmas is special for me on a soul level more than any other holiday," Carey revealed in an exclusive email interview with Shop TODAY. "Growing up, I had to endure Christmases with a  completely dysfunctional family. During those sad moments, I never ever let go of my dreams and kept wishing for that 'perfect family holiday.'"

Now, as a mom to twins, Monroe and Moroccan, she goes out of her way to make the holiday feel special. "I plan for Christmas all year long and create the environment that makes my inner child proud, and as a Mom, I do everything possible to make Christmas wishes come true for my kids and loved ones."

Considering how important the season is to her, we're not surprised that she starts thinking about Christmas early. Of course, some people might argue that's it still too early to be celebrating Christmas.

Recently, Martha Stewart made a plea to Carey during an appearance on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, saying, "Mariah, you know me. I am a traditionalist with a twist. You cannot give up Thanksgiving."

But the superstar doesn't have plans to skip the holiday. "I absolutely agree with Ms. Stewart!" Carey told us. "I’m waiting for my invitation to her thanksgiving extravaganza! She’s everything!"

"Snoop said he’ll bring the wine!" she joked.

But the holidays are more than just parties and friends to Carey — it's a time to work. She released a children's book "The Christmas Princess," in addition to launching her new collection. So the Queen of Christmas knows a thing or two about needing to relax during the season.

"I guess it’s no secret that the holidays and all the festivities are my fave," she said.

"So, when Find Your Happy Place came to me with this partnership that combines both, I was all-in! Don’t get me wrong, the Yuletide chores can be stressful for you between parties and traveling, hosting and shopping. That’s why we partnered up to remind everyone to take a moment of self-care."

For Carey, "a nice quiet bubble bath is always major!" when it comes to self-care. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, considering she's posted from the tub, done interviews while in the bath and even soaked in her tub during an "MTV Cribs" episode.

"Nothing cleanses one’s body and soul like a luxurious warm bubble bath!" she told us.

If you want to recreate her bath time routine, you can, thanks to her new Find Your Happy Place products. The items in the collections come in three scents and range from candles and bath gel to bath bombs and lotions — and they're all under $10! You can get a couple of the products or get one of the sets.

Mariah Carey Find Your Happy Place collections

Find Your Happy Place Bath & Shower Gel Cozy In Cashmere

"Right now, I’m obsessing over the products in the Cozy in Cashmere collection, especially the bath gel since it’s very versatile," Carey said. "The beautiful fragrances of warm vanilla, whipped cream, and sandalwood are festive, nostalgic and sweet."

Find Your Happy Place Winter Wonderland Gift Set

This giftable set features shower gel (which can also be used to create a fragrant bubble bath), body mist and a scented candle, so it's perfect for Mom, Grandma or anyone else who could use a moment for self-care.

Find Your Happy Place Cozy in Cashmere Body Lotion

"A must after any bath is full body moisturization[. I've] been loving the Cozy in Cashmere Body Lotion!" Carey said to us.

Find Your Happy Place Hand Cream Winter Wonderland

Soothe dry, cracked hands with this hand cream. The brand says that the paraben and sulfate-free formula blends shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. It's designed to feature notes of crushed candy cane, sugared snow, mistletoe and balsam fir, so you can bring the scents of the holiday season with you whenever you go.

Find Your Happy Place Home Essentials Scented Jar Candle Gift Set, 2 Count

When you gift them this candle set, they'll be able to keep their home smelling rich and festive all season long. The set comes with two scents: Cozy in Cashmere (warm vanilla and cashmere musk) and Home For The Holidays (pumpkin puree and sweet cream). According to the brand, they have a burn time of up to 40 hours.

Find Your Happy Place Home For The Holidays Hand Wash

All of your guests will love washing their hands at your house when you have this scented wash at your sink. It's designed with skin-nourishing ingredients to leave hands feeling clean and refreshed.