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Martha Stewart makes plea to Mariah Carey: ‘You cannot give up Thanksgiving!’

"Do not think that we are going to give up Thanksgiving just because you say so," Stewart told the Christmas-obsessed pop star.

Martha Stewart has wise words for Christmas-obsessed pop star Mariah Carey: Don't skip over Thanksgiving.

The domestic expert, 81, visited TODAY with Hoda and Jenna on Thursday, and gave a pointed message to the camera, telling the "All I Want For Christmas" singer to slow her roll this year.

In addition to singing the iconic Christmas anthem, Carey directed and starred in her own Hallmark movie and starred in a holiday special for Apple TV+ over the years.

"Mariah, you know me. I am a traditionalist with a twist. You cannot give up Thanksgiving. Just because you don't like turkey? I love turkey, and many, many other people love turkey," Stewart began (her plea begins at the 6:10 mark in the above video).

"So, do not think that we are going to give up Thanksgiving just because you say so," she added.

Stewart's cute remarks to Carey come just two days after the singer posted a black-and-white video on Instagram that showed her dressed as a witch.

In the video, which is set to spooky Halloween music, Carey pedals an exercise bike while laughing maniacally. Calendar pages showing the final days of October swirl around her.

Then, after a new calendar page reads "November 1," the video turns to color and Carey is seen wearing a Santa-inspired suit, sitting on a reindeer. "It's time!" she yells joyfully as "All I Want For Christmas is You" begins to play.

Stewart gave Carey a little pass near the beginning of her chat with Hoda and Jenna, when she acknowledged that Thanksgiving isn't as musically festive as Christmas.

"There are no Thanksgiving songs," said Stewart. "So songs are OK. You can skip (Thanksgiving) with your music."

However, despite its lack of carols and costumes, Thanksgiving is still a meaningful holiday, added Stewart. "I think we need Thanksgiving," she said. "It's sort of an uplifting remembering of good times past."