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The viral Lululemon belt bag is back in stock — with 11 available colors!

Reviewers and TikTokers have been raving about the accessory.
Vivian Le / TODAY

Now that you've got your mom jeans and clogs, it's time to finish off your outfit with the latest old-but-new-again accessory: A belt bag.

Though they've been around since the '80s, TikTok is now responsible for the latest rendition of the fanny pack that everyone seems to want to get their hands on — the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag.

Belt bags, in general, have been trending on the app, but Lululemon's is a clear favorite of users. The #lululemonbeltbag tag has over 105 million views, with many people complimenting its spacious design and chic look. "Brb wearing this 24/7," one person said, while another added that it was their "Favorite belt bag of all time." As a result, shoppers have flocked to Lululemon's website to check out the trendy accessory and it consistently (and quickly) sells out with every restock.

Just in time for spring, the brand released some stylish new colors and designs (that are beginning to sell out), including navy and pearl shades. At the moment, all 11 shades are in stock but we have a feeling it's not for long.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, 1L

The tiny-but-mighty Everywhere Belt Bag features both interior and exterior pockets, so there's plenty of room for the essentials like your phone, keys and wallet. At the moment, there are multiple eye-catching color options available, and it features a long, adjustable strap. Anyone on the move will appreciate how it allows them to avoid carrying around a clunky bag while still pulling off a fashionable look.

Given its popularity, you likely won't be surprised to hear that the review section is filled with raving remarks from shoppers who love its spacious design and cute look. It has a nearly five-star rating from more than 11,000 reviews. And it truly lives up to its name, as reviewers have been using it everywhere (and for everything), from vacations and walks to running errands.

"Hands-down the best bag I own," one shopper wrote. "The design is perfection. The inside pockets are fabulous. Everything down to the adjustable strap is so well thought-out. Cannot recommend this bag enough!"

Shop TODAY editorial assistant Jillian Ortiz, also counts herself as a fan. "It's not too big, but somehow it manages to hold everything — my phone, wallet, headphones, keys, gym lock, Advil, an extra pair of headphones — you name it," she says. "I bring it with me EVERYWHERE. Whether I am taking my dog for a walk or have a formal event to attend, you will see this bag attached to me."

Not sure if the belt bag trend is right for you? One shopper said they almost didn't buy the bag because it wasn't their style, "but I am so glad I did," they wrote. "It has been invaluable on vacation, [and] my daughters keep trying to steal it, and now [it] is my new staple for going out. It holds a phone, cards, keys and tissues easily. It can hold a small charger depending on size as well. Great size and comfortable to wear. Happy I went against my initial thoughts and took a chance on a great piece."

Lululemon has also released a couple of different styles of the bag, including a mini option and a more spacious 2L size. They're both in stock at the moment, but just like the original, we imagine that these versions will sell out quickly so you'll want to grab them while you can.

Mini Belt Bag

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L

In case you can't add one of the above options to your cart before they almost inevitably sell out again, we rounded up some other chic belt bags below.

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Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

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