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L.L. Bean's new throwback collection is peak '90s fashion

You may have had the original Anorak in your closet.
Illustration of the archival L.L Bean '90s All-Sports Anorak and the updated collection being sold
TODAY Illustration / L.L Bean

Between the return of the sweater vest and the recent popularity of mom jeans, it's clear that the '90s are back in full swing. And now one of your favorite brands from the decade, L.L. Bean, is here to further fuel your fashion nostalgia by releasing a new take on its iconic 1991 All-Sports Anorak.

The release is part of the company's Archive Re-Issue Collection, featuring three unisex items ⁠— the anorak, a bucket hat and a tote ⁠— in the retro designs and bold colors that were staples of the time. All of the items in the collection are limited releases. L.L. Bean only made 1,700 anoraks and 750 bucket hats and totes, respectively, so if you want to complete your '90s-inspired wardrobe with any of the throwback pieces in the collection, you're going to want to act fast.

L.L. Bean Limited Edition Archival Anorak

This anorak, the star of the new collection, looks like it was pulled straight from a 1990s L.L. Bean catalog. And that's because it's almost identical to the original. Just like its predecessor, the new release features an oversized fit and bold color-blocked design — two styles that are practically as popular now as they were back then. It also has a roomy kangaroo pocket, so you can keep your phone, keys and wallet (or maybe your Walkman?) on hand.

To make the items in the collection, the company used excess fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste. And the material is durable and weather-resistant, to take you through beach days, hikes and plenty of other adventures.

Below are the brand's two other era-approved accessories that round out its limited-edition collection. All three items come in two color options, a bright purple and red violet combo or a black and blue-green design.

L.L. Bean Limited Edition Archival Bucket Hat

L.L. Bean Limited Edition Archival Tote

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