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This $8 foot treatment reversed months of damage in less than a week

It also leaves my feet feeling as smooth as butter.
Woman applying ointment to foot, low section
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Typical of a NYC lifestyle, I'm always on the go. I can be found running around the city streets in pumps, flats and every footwear in between almost every day of the week. Let me tell you, all that walking can really do a number on your feet! To make matters worse, pedicures have not been readily accessible for the last few months. Just when I thought there was no hope for my wrecked tootsies, I discovered an ointment that could reverse months of damage.

Before finding Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair with almost 17,000 positive reviews on Amazon, I had tried many at-home remedies, creams, ointments and even foot peels but never having much luck without regular pedicures every two months. This ointment claims to have visible results in just one day, but the lofty promises initially made me skeptical. Once my heels reached the point of dry, cracked and calloused, though, I was in desperate need of major foot pampering.

It's simple to use

Over the last several weeks, applying the ointment after showering has become part of my evening routine. After my feet are clean and dry, I apply a liberal amount of the thick and slippery treatment to my problem areas, which are mainly around my rough heels. I gently massage it in until fully absorbed, which takes a few minutes because of the Vaseline-like texture. For added moisture, I cover the treatment with cotton socks overnight.

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

You'll want it for your winter beauty routine

After my first use, I definitely noticed slight changes in the texture of my heels and feet the next morning, but it took a few days to reach the “miracle” level. After a short period, the problem areas of my feet were as smooth as butter. This doesn't just moisturize; it also helps remove my thick, hard, cracked skin.

One five-star Amazon reviewer shared, “With these results, I don't know how I couldn’t call this a miracle product. Within three days I saw a HUGE difference in my feet.” On day four for me, when I took my socks off, they were splattered with peeled skin. Once this process happened, within the next two days, my feet were transformed. As the winter months approach, this routine is going to be essential in keeping my feet feeling soft and exfoliated.

Casey DelBasso / TODAY

It's loaded with surprising miracle ingredients

I noticed that some Amazon reviews were questioning this Kerasal product because they implied that this ointment was too similar to Vaseline. It's also odorless and colorless, which is not at all familiar to the type of other foot creams I have used in the past. While it uses petroleum (similar to Vaseline), the ointment also uses urea, a miracle ingredient that makes your feet soft as a baby’s bottom. Urea’s benefit is not only softening, but also hydrating and exfoliating. Lastly, salicylic acid acts as another excellent exfoliating agent that hydrates the skin and optimizes softening. Goodbye, feeling embarrassed about my cracked feet during the winter!

For under $10, this foot spa in a bottle is well worth the purchase — especially during a time when pedicures are still not an easy go-to. If we can’t go to the spa, we may as well bring the spa to us.

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