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These $20 ballet flats are so comfortable, I'll be wearing them for life

They're also a bestseller on Amazon.
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I've had ballet slippers and flats before. Until recently, though, I've never owned a pair of ballet flats. I think it's because I grew up doing ballet and I've always considered them as indoor shoes. However, I've been traveling for work since July. Living out of a carry-on suitcase and a backpack doesn't afford me much space for shoes. So, I decided for my "nice shoes" I'd pack Amazon's #1 pair of ballet flats. They didn't cost a lot, they didn't take up a lot of space, but would I like them a lot?

Thousands of women like them a lot

The Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flat is currently ranked #1 on Amazon's list of Best Sellers in Women's Flats. I was drawn to them because they have a 4.4-star average rating from nearly 11,000 reviews. The $20 price tag was also attractive. Finally, I liked all the options. They come in 19 different colors including some cool metallics and eye-catching animal prints. I don't think I have the confidence to wear a pair of leopard heels, but leopard flats? I suppose I could probably pull those off.

They go with everything I own

Katie Jackson / TODAY

For my first pair, at least, I didn't choose leopard. I chose classic beige. The look great with everything from my favorite jumpsuit to my favorite jeggings and all my shorts, skirts, pants and jeans in between. The only thing in my wardrobe they don't work well with is my newest maxi dress. (That's because my legs aren't long enough and I'm too lazy to hem the skirt.)

I think the reason ballet flats have been trendy for centuries is because they are so versatile. In fact, guys are even joining the ballet flat fan club. The Wall Street Journal recently deemed them "the strangest trend in men's shoes."

They're comfortable enough to wear on cobblestones

Katie Jackson / TODAY

For being incredibly minimalistic, these ballet flats are surprisingly comfortable. My size 9 shoes weigh less than an apple and can fit in my coat pocket. Despite not having thick soles, I don't feel the ground as much as I thought I would. Keep in mind, I mostly wear these around Portugal where I'm currently based. I also walk at least three miles a day on cobblestone streets.

They're also quite comfortable on the inside. I've been taking surfing classes for five weeks, and my feet are destroyed from being barefoot on the beach and on the board. Still, even without wearing socks or Band-Aids, these shoes don't rub against my sores and cause blisters.

I'll be wearing them for life

Katie Jackson / TODAY

I may have waited until later in life to start wearing ballet flats, but I know I'll be wearing them for life from hereon out. Because I cover so much ground and mine are beige, it might not be this exact pair (although one reviewer has had success washing hers in a washing machine). Since these flats are just $20, I think I can afford to switch to another pair when the time comes. Who knows? When I'm a little older and bolder, I might even try the leopard print.

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