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Feeling restless? Here's what you need for a game night with kids and adults

Lifestyle expert Meredith Sinclair has all the essentials, from a popcorn maker to a card game.

As many people celebrate receiving their COVID-19 vaccines and the end of quarantine measures, you may be in the mood to get your family and friends together for an absolutely epic game night. But where to start?

Lifestyle expert Meredith Sinclair stopped by Hoda & Jenna to share her top picks of the best games out on the market for adults and kids. From competitive bean bag tosses to hysterical drawing games, there’s something for athletic friends, creative family and clever competitors. Plus, she shared a few snack and drink tips to make hosting a breeze.

Scroll through to discover everything you need to host your best game night yet, no matter your style.

Nostalgia Popcorn Popper

Get game night going with a vintage-style popcorn popper. This easy-to-use popper adds an element of fun to any game night set-up, bringing some old school circus flair. It pops up to 10 cups of popcorn so there’s no chance of running out — no matter how long the games run.

Nostalgia Hot Air and Kettle Kit

Popcorn popped at home tastes better, yes. But what tastes best is home-popped popcorn that has been freshly seasoned. This kit contains everything you need to make the perfect popcorn, including kernels, buttery oil and three different seasonings.

Crafthouse Cocktails

Don’t worry about mixing drinks before adult guests arrive. Crafthouse Cocktails come already perfectly mixed, so all you have to do is pour. Go for the party boxes that contain enough for 15 pre-made drinks.

The Feud

Turn your living room into the set of “Family Feud.” Download the game onto any computer and then connect to your TV screen, like you’re giving a presentation. And because it’s digital, you can even play with friends far away via Zoom.

Drone Home

Kids (and kids at heart) will love this alien-themed game. Players launch their aliens down ramps and race to board the “drone home.” (Yes, there’s a very real drone at the center of the game.) It’s exciting and fast-paced and will have all players screaming before the game’s over.

Who in the Room?

Find out what your friends really think of you with this hysterical game, perfect for a hang-out with old friends. Players pull one card and read it out loud, then everyone points to the person in the room most likely. There are more than 300 questions, including who gives the most compliments and who would knowingly buy a fake designer watch.

Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations, a combination of Telephone and Pictionary, got an adults-only makeover. This hilarious game challenges players to pick a card, draw what they see, then pass their sketch to the next person to guess. At the end, flip through your completed book for a hysterical review of (inappropriate) miscommunications.

B3 Bean Bag Bucketz

This easy-to-learn game combines corn hole, washer toss and disc golf into a whole new challenge. The “bucketz” can stand about five feet tall and add a whole new element of height to traditional bean bag toss games. Depending how you play, this game can include up to 16 players.


Get ready for your competitive side to come out. With “Popongo,” players take turns tossing foam balls into numbered cups, all of which are ranked different points. You may think you’re winning but your opponent can sink a shot into an equalizer cup and completely change the stakes of the game.

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