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I said goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs with this $6 after shave cream

It’s been my go-to product for almost 10 years!
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Summer recently came to an end, but that doesn’t mean your bikini line deserves any less attention than it received during the warmer months. Razor bumps and itchy irritated skin in your bikini area are year-long problems. Luckily, after years of searching, I finally came across a solution: Bikini Zone After Shave Creme — and it’s only $6!

Bikini Zone After Shave Creme

As a girl who spent most of her teenage years wearing a leotard to dance class, Bikini Zone was my saving grace for eliminating pesky razor burn. It's super simple to use which is one of the reasons it became my go-to to reduce irritation caused by shaving. Simply apply the cream after shaving, waxing or laser treatments to soothe the skin and prevent bumps and ingrown hairs.

You'll want to be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle about where to apply it and how frequently to apply it to avoid further burning or irritation. For best results, you can pair the after shave cream with the Bikini Zone Shaving Gel.

Because it’s made with 2 percent Lidocaine, the relief is instant without being harsh on the skin, which is important for someone with sensitive skin like me.

Judging by the reviews, other customers seem to agree with me.

“I've never found anything else that works like this product!” one reviewer raved. “I get super irritated skin after shaving and a thousand bumps. Now it's not as stressful shaving!”

“This stuff is a miracle,” says another. “It's like magic how I can rub it on and a day later have no redness... Can't recommend this stuff enough. If you shave your bikini zone, you need this.”

So instead of shoveling out money on other more expensive treatments, you might want to test out this $6 after shave creme. There's a reason this has been my go-to product for almost 10 years!

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