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Beat the heat and enjoy your backyard with these cooling essentials

Easy ways to chill out at home this summer.

The dog days of summer are here, but if you want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air there are a few ways you can keep cool outdoors.

Beat the heat by picking up a few cooling products you can use in the comfort of your backyard. TODAY welcomed lifestyle expert Meredith Sinclair to share her tips and favorite products for families who want to enjoy their backyard this summer.

Find everything you need to stay cool without AC, including freezable cocktail makers, personal cooling towels, water balloons and more.

Best products to keep you cool outdoors

1. Bunch O Balloons

Keep your guests cool with an assortment of beverages. And instead of placing them in a bucket of ice, blow up water balloons and freeze them for a colorful addition to your cooler. This nifty pack allows you to fill multiple balloons at once, making party prep a little easier.

When the ice melts you can challenge other party-goers to a water balloon fight!

2. Rabbit Freezable Cocktail Maker

Treat the adults in attendance to a refreshing homemade cocktail. The Rabbit Freezable Cocktail Maker turns your favorite drink into a frozen slushy.

Just freeze the carafe overnight, add your ingredients, squeeze the sides to break up the ice and pour the beverage into cups for your guests.

3. Crafthouse Cocktails

If you're not a fan of frozen drinks, opt for these pre-made options from Crafthouse Cocktails. The brand makes multiple cocktails including palomas, margaritas, Moscow mules and more.

4. Nostalgia Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker

This countertop snow cone maker will take you back to your childhood. Built with stainless steel blades and a 160-ounce chamber, the machine makes finely shaved ice for a sweet snow cone or a frozen drink.

5. Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker

This unique kitchen accessory will help you create delicious homemade ice cream in minutes. It comes with two spatulas, a recipe book and a surface pan that you place in the freezer.

Just whip up an ice cream mixture from the Sweet Spot recipe book and pour it onto the surface for an instant chilled treat.

6. HearthSong Inflatable Sunshine Sprinkler

The kids will love this fun sprinkler! The HearthSong inflatable sunshine sprinkler features a bright yellow archway and inflatable clouds at the base. It's made with heavy-duty vinyl and includes pockets that can hold sand or water for stability.

7. Cool Links Cooling Towel

This two-in-one cooling towel is designed to keep you feeling refreshed for up to two hours. The interior features small pockets that hold reusable ice cubes and the outside is coated in a fabric that stays cold when soaked with water.

8. MistyMate Outdoor Misting Kit

The MistyMate Outdoor Misting Kit will make sitting outside in the summer heat enjoyable. It screws onto a standard garden faucet and includes small clips for easy attachment to your balcony or patio umbrella.

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