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Meet Cindy Kang, the woman behind the always-sold-out Hey Dewy humidifier

She shares how her son inspired the popular gadget.
TODAY Illustration / Hey Dewy

While Cindy Kang, one of the founders behind the popular Hey Dewy humidifier, had always struggled with dry, sensitive skin, the first time she purchased a humidifier, it wasn't for herself.

"My son struggled with bloody noses. So our doctor said you should humidify at night," Kang told Shop TODAY in an interview.

After his doctor recommended using the tool, Kang got one for her son — and it worked. But as it turned out he wasn't the only one who could benefit from it.

"One night, I was putting him to bed and I was so exhausted, I just fell asleep in his bed," Kang said. "That night that humidifier was running on me all night long. And when I woke up in the morning, not only did I sleep great, because my sinuses were clear, but my skin felt fresh and dewy and not tight, like it normally does."

However, there was one problem: The humidifiers that they had purchased for their home were clunky and hard to transport. "As [my sons were] getting older, we were starting to travel more and we wanted to take this little trip to Palm Springs, which is super dry, and I could not fit the humidifier into my suitcase," Kang said. "It was so frustrating because I knew he was gonna get bloody noses at the hotel room. And I thought I've got to do something about this."

She founded Hey Dewy in 2019 and created an option that was small, chic and easy to pack in a suitcase or purse — and it quickly took off. The device has won multiple beauty awards and routinely sells out after restocks.

"I finally feel like people get it," the Korean-born entrepreneur said. "I mean, in the Korean culture, it's so funny because we always talk about how health is number one. We're always like, it's all about family, it's all about your health and taking care of yourself. And I feel like 10 years ago, all of us knew that, but we didn't really know that. And then all of a sudden we go through this global pandemic, and now I definitely see a shift."

Kang expects that a lot of the brand's recent popularity has to do with the increased focus on health and wellness, and a desire to rethink our daily routines.

And while a humidifier may not seem like the most obvious wellness tool to everyone, its benefits expand beyond just the occasional bloody nose. According to experts, humidifiers can make your skin, lips, nose and throat feel less dry (attention all allergy sufferers!). And Kang said that she uses her Hey Dewy humidifier during Zoom meetings and at her desk during the day, in the car and as a part of her skin care routine. "But for me, the magic is definitely at night," she said. She added that it helps her breathe deeper, get higher quality sleep and makes her skin feel better when she wakes up.

For anyone who wants to try it, the white color is finally back in stock, so you can grab one for yourself — if you act quickly. If you've been eyeing the Blush or Charcoal colors, you can also sign up to be notified when they are restocked.

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

The below product is from Cindy Kang's own brand.

The wireless humidifier is rechargeable, and the brand says that it can provide up to eight hours on one single charge. It's also designed with Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Technology, so you won't be distracted if you're trying to work or sleep while it's running.

And in case you're looking for a gift for a recent grad or cool dad, we think it would make the perfect option. "I bought 7 of these wireless facial humidifiers to give as gifts for xmas including one for myself," one reviewer wrote. "These are the best humidifiers I've ever owned. Every family member who received one uses it every night. What a difference in our breathing and skin waking up."

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