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6 decorating ideas for a 'boo-it-yourself' Halloween

Even if you're celebrating at home this year, you can still get festive!

Halloween is just over a week away, but if you haven't gotten around to decorating just yet, don't worry! You can still make your home festive enough for the holiday without lights, inflatable lawn decorations and other pricey decorations that you'll end up putting away in just a few short weeks.

If you're celebrating Halloween at home this year, you can "boo-it-yourself" and go big with decorations without breaking the bank. Yahoo Life contributing editor, Chassie Post, joined the 3rd Hour of TODAY to share some easy DIY home decor ideas to make this Halloween one to remember. Whether you'll be celebrating at home or hosting a virtual Halloween party, these easy decor ideas can help get you in the spooky spirit.

From critter wreaths to Halloween trees, read on for all of the DIY inspiration and the tools you'll need to make this holiday the most spook-tacular one yet.

1. Hanging Witches Hats

This easy DIY idea only needs three supplies: hats, fishing wire and Command strips. It's an easy way to create a festive room with magic 'floating' witch hats in any part of the house for less than $20.

Elcoho Witch Hats (Set of 8)

You can purchase this set of eight from Elcoho to help build your room of floating hats for around $2 each. They're also foldable, so you can neatly store them away until next Halloween rolls around.

Command Clear Decorating Clips (Pack of 40)

Wondering how to actually make the floating illusion happen without damaging your ceiling's paint job? These handy Command hooks are small enough to go unnoticed and come in packs of 40 to help decorate any space in a matter of minutes.

2. Cute Critter Wreaths & Plants

Furry Critter Wreath

To make this furry critter wreath, you'll first need to attach the fur to the wreath by gluing it on with a hot glue gun. After the fur is applied, take some ping pong balls and draw on some eyeballs with a permanent marker and glue them on top of the fur to complete the project.

FloraCraft Foam Wreath

The foam wreath will serve as the base of your furry critter, and you can find plenty of options from Michael's and other craft stores.

Orange Synthetic Fur

Once you have your wreath, you'll want some spooky-colored faux fur to make your critter look as realistic as possible. You can find plenty of affordable options by the yard from Etsy, Amazon and more.

Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls (Pack of 12)

You can use these white ping pong balls to create eyeballs for your fuzzy critter wreath. This pack from Franklin sports includes 12 that can serve as the perfect googly eye for this craft.

Green Tulle Monster

To make this craft, you'll need a foam wreath, tulle, styrofoam balls and ribbon. It's an effortless way to make another spooky-looking craft with minimal materials.

FloraCraft Extruded Craft Wreath

This foam wreath is the base for the tulle monster. It's made from recycled plastic and is perfect for gluing, painting and more.

Celebrate It Occasions Neon Tulle

Once you get your hands on this neon green tulle, you'll want to cut it into 16-inch strips and tie it around the wreath until it starts to look like a tutu.

Smoothfoam Ball

Once the tutu is in place, glue on two styrofoam balls and grab some ribbon to make a bow-tie. Voila!

3. Spooky Safety Supplies

No Halloween celebration would be complete this year without some DIY face masks and hand soap dispensers. All you'll need to make it happen is some school glue and a little imagination.

DIY Face Masks

To make the face masks, Post tried out these tutorials from and used face masks they already had at home, along with some extra supplies lying around the house.

Spooky DIY Handsoap

If you have liquid soap dispensers at home, you can toss in a few inexpensive trinkets to encourage festive and frequent hand washing.

Spooky Eyeball Ping Pong Balls

These Halloween-themed ping pong balls can make Halloween hand washing just the right amount of spooky! Put some in the soap dispenser and use the rest to decorate the house!

Something New Halloween Rings

You can throw these rings in the soap container and watch them float or use them to reward little ones after they have scrubbed their hands.

4. Halloween Trick-or-Trees

We could all use some extra cheer, which is why it's no surprise some people have broken out their Christmas trees a little bit earlier and are decorating them for Halloween instead. You can use whatever you have at home to get in the Halloween spirit!

Luoem Pumpkin Buckets

To decorate table-top trees, you can fill these pumpkin buckets with candy and hang Halloween-inspired cookie cutters in the trees. For an added touch, you can also add ribbon and pom-poms to your Halloween tree. It's an easy way to get the entire family involved in the fun.

Morex Grosgrain Dot Ribbon

You can use dark-colored ribbon to decorate larger trees for some extra charm. Post used some she already had at home, but this polka dot ribbon from Morex is a similar, affordable option.

Halloween Crow Decorations

In place of ornaments, throw in some crows! You can save by purchasing them in bulk and use the rest to decorate your front porch and other areas of your home too.

Party City Bat Cutouts

Prefer bats instead? You can attach these spooky creatures to your tree using tape or simply place them on branches by folding their wings for a 3D effect.

5. Macabre Mirror Moment

You don't have to just decorate the walls and tabletops — mirrors, mantles and plenty of other surfaces in your home can act as the perfect sites for decorating. Post opted to create a "macabre moment" on her mirror by simply using crepe paper and floral wire (and a crow for added-effect).

Ashland 18-Gauge Bright Stem Wire

First, you'll need a stem wire to wrap the paper around. This will make it easy to wrap the paper around the edge of the mirror to create the desired effect.

Just Artifacts Premium Crepe Paper

Using wide crepe paper, you can fold it in half and pinch the middle to create the right shape to wrap around the floral wire. You'll want to repeat the process over and over again until you're satisfied with the amount of paper that can fit around your mirror.

6. Swarm of Paper Bats

If your walls or cabinets are looking bare, you can use cutout paper decorations to give them some life.

Coogam 3D Halloween Bats

Post used these 3D bats and double-sided tape to decorate cabinets, walls, windows and more for less than $10. It's an easy way to jazz up your home for the holidat in a time-efficient manner.

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