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This anti-blister foot spray is magic in a can

One reviewer described it as "life-changing."
This anti-blister spray is a must-have for high heel lovers.
This anti-blister spray is a must-have for high heel lovers.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all gotten blisters. Whether it be from breaking in new shoes, rocking a pair of stilettos, or even just spending all day on your feet, we’re all familiar with how annoying and painful blisters can be.

As someone who loves to wear heels, I’ve spent years desperately searching for a product to save both me and my feet. Finally, my prayers have been answered: the Pre-Heels+ Blister Prevention Spray by Barefoot Scientist.

Barefoot Scientist PREHEELS+ Blister Prevention Spray

What I consider to be magic in a 1.5-ounce aerosol can, this spray stops blisters before they start by creating a barrier on the skin that prevents rubbing.

Here’s how it works: spray the solution directly onto the skin where the friction occurs, wait roughly 90 seconds for it to dry and you’re good to go! For stronger protection, I would recommend adding multiple layers. One important thing to note is that this spray is intended to protect your skin before the blister has formed, so don’t apply it onto a blister or irritated skin.

While I've tried other "blister-preventing" products, none of them have worked as well as this one. Compared to other anti-blister balms and sticks, the PreHeels formula is so much more powerful and provides protection for four to six hours.

But you don't have to rely on only my word. The reviews from happy customers speak for themselves.

"This is a must-have for anyone who ever has issues with wearing heels," one shopper raved. "I love this product and have gotten all of my friends hooked as well."

One reviewer said it was perfect for a busy wedding weekend.

"PreHeels is a lifesaver!" the reviewer wrote. "I used it for a wedding weekend (aka 3 nights in a row in heels..nightmare!) and absolutely fell in love with this. Not ONE blister!"

So if you've finally had enough with painful rubbing and blisters, give this $16 spray a shot!

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