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This $0.11 product saves my feet from blisters

It might sound weird — but it works.
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Try as I might to brush off my mom’s advice, every once in a while she comes up with a brilliant tip that totally changes my life. And to be honest, she’s the real reason I’ve successfully avoided blisters and cut-up ankles over the last eight years.

When I travel, I tend to do a lot of walking — and my feet often suffer for it. Even while wearing sneakers, my ankles somehow end up raw (from constantly rubbing up against my shoes) and my toes get their fair share of blisters.

After years of crying over my sore feet, my mom prescribed a band-aid routine that would tackle my toes’ tendency towards blisters. She also suggested I use corn cushions on my ankles. At first, I thought the idea sounded absurd — I didn’t have a corn problem (corns are build-ups of hard skin) — but I was up for trying anything at that point, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Dr. Scholl's Corn Cushions 9 Ct (Pack of 6), $15, Amazon

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Here’s what my new routine consists of:

  1. Place a medium-sized corn cushion on each ankle.
  2. Use a large band-aid to hold the cushion in place.
  3. Put band-aids on pinky toe and big toe.
  4. Put on socks and shoes, and wait for the magic to happen!

I first tested my mom’s wacky corn cushion theory on a trip to Disney World — aka the land of walking 10 miles a day — and was shocked to see how effective it was. The cushion provided just enough of a barrier between my ankles and shoes, and spared my feet from the awful raw feeling (and the occasional bloody mess) they were used to. Mom's band-aid routine also worked flawlessly, and my toes were blister-free even after a day of vigorous walking.

Having corn cushions right up against my ankles admittedly took some getting used to, but after using them a few times, I stopped noticing they were even there since they're so soft and flexible.

One little thing I have noticed: the larger corn cushions tend to leave a bit of an indent on your ankle — it's nothing worse than the indent a pair of ribbed socks leaves, though — so don't be surprised when you take off your socks. I tend to use the smaller ones since they feel less bulky, but that's just a personal preference.

After that first experiment, I've used corn cushions every time I'm doing something that involves a lot of walking (including multiple treks to Disney), and won't be stopping anytime soon. Turns out mother really does know best!

Dr. Scholl's Corn Cushions 9 Ct (Pack of 6), $15, Amazon

Also available in a single pack at Walmart.

Stock up on a multi-pack of corn cushions and say au revoir to raw, blistered skin.

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Thick padding shields ankles from irritating shoes, meaning you can walk all day long, pain-free.

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Just because corn cushions are practical doesn't mean they can't also be pretty!

If it's too late to prevent blisters, you can check out our tips for treating blisters.

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