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I tried the 'holy grail' of curly hair shampoo — and it changed my life

Curly girls, you'll thank me later.
DevaCurl before and after
Kayla Boyd
/ Source: TODAY

Growing up biracial meant that no one in my family had hair like mine. With half of my family being black and the other half white, I had aunts with short, coarse hair and a mom and aunts with fine, straight hair. And then there's me, with long, thick curls.

Growing up, people always told me, "I wish I had your hair." I actually loved my hair, but I definitely didn't know how to care for it.

I've always loved to dye it fun colors and experiment with different cuts. I would use the same shampoo as my mom and I would yank a brush through my curls. I would also straighten it every other week because I thought it looked better that way. I didn't realize how much damage I was causing.

It wasn't until just two years ago at age 23 that someone told me I was doing it all wrong. I went to a hairstylist who specialized in curly hair and she told me to invest in DevaCurl products — it changed my life.

DevaCurl "How to Quit Shampoo" Cleanse & Condition Kit

I bought the How to Quit Shampoo set, which includes a microfiber hair towel, a cleanser, and a conditioner — it's basically the holy grail of curly hair products. After just a couple days of use, I could definitely tell a difference.

Kayla Boyd

The method to the magic

Of course, this dramatic hair transformation was also the result of a combination of changes. I got a haircut by a curly hair expert, I switched up my hair products, and I changed my method.

The products had the biggest impact, but the other changes are also important if you're looking to revitalize your curls. Here are a few routine changes I made:

  1. I stopped brushing out my curls. Instead, I started using a wide-tooth comb while I was still in the shower and my conditioner was sitting.
  2. I started using microfiber hair towels because they help manage frizz.
  3. I started applying my hair cream, gel, or mousse while my hair was still wet, instead of letting it dry first.
  4. And, of course, I started washing my hair with products that were actually good for it.
Kayla Boyd

Switching from shampoo to "no-poo"

The No. 1 thing I was skeptical about was the fact that my new DevaCurl shampoo doesn't lather. How was I supposed to know my hair was really getting clean without the satisfaction of suds? Well, it turns out that most of the lathering shampoos I had been using were stripping away the good oils that my curls actually needed.

According to DevaCurl, the No-Poo Cleanser keeps hair healthy and hydrated thanks to the inclusion of peppermint and grapeseed oils.

Good hair days last a lot longer

In addition to my curls looking much more defined and healthy, my hair also feels great. It's not as dry or frizzy and it's still soft to the touch. The conditioner is also really helpful in getting the tangles out, which if you have textured hair, you know can get pretty painful.

Since I've been washing my hair with DevaCurl products, I've noticed that I can go days without washing it again and it doesn't feel gross at all. The curls still look good and it really makes the products worth the money.

Kayla Boyd

Above is what my hair currently looks like after using DevaCurl for almost two years. It's grown out a lot and it's looking healthier by the day! I never knew my curls could look and feel this good. DevaCurl has me hooked and now I can't even imagine not using it.

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