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Chloe and Halle Bailey talk sisterhood, 'The Little Mermaid' and Oprah's motivational advice

The talented sister duo opened up about their favorite products and much-anticipated solo projects.
Courtesy Neutrogena

It would seem like Chloe and Halle Bailey are just at the beginning of their careers. But even given their young ages, 24 and 22 respectively, the sisters have already racked an impressive list of accomplishments — and impressive list of mentors (Hi, Oprah!). The duo, who perform together under the moniker Chloe x Halle, has opened for Beyoncé (they're signed to her record label), starred in the sitcom "Grown-ish," performed at the White House and secured multiple Grammy nominations. And that’s just what they’ve accomplished together.

Recently, they've been focusing more recently on pursuing their own solo projects. Halle is starring as Ariel in next year's much-anticipated Disney live-action "Little Mermaid" remake, as well as playing young Nettie in “The Color Purple” musical adaptation set to be released in 2023. Chloe, on the other hand, has been focusing on her solo music, releasing hit songs like "Have Mercy" and "Treat Me" under her stage name Chlöe. But that doesn’t mean the dynamic duo is growing apart in any way. The Neutrogena brand ambassadors told Shop TODAY in a recent interview all about their bond, their upcoming projects and their must-haves for working in such a demanding industry.

"I'm so grateful that I was placed on this earth with a sister, because I don't have to go through life alone," Chloe said. "Because no matter how far apart we are, we're always probably feeling the same thing at the same time — even though it could be completely different situations, which I think is crazy."

"It's the best thing in the world," Halle added. "Growing up together and having kind of a life partner to do what you love together, especially growing up singing and touring. I don't know what I would do if I did that by myself.”

Their bond actually prepared Halle for her upcoming role of Ariel — in a way.

As kids, Halle said that she and Chloe would play mermaids in the pool — just like so many other young girls did after seeing the animated movie when she was younger. "So it's just a beautiful experience and I'm honored to do my take on it and show other little Black and brown girls and boys that you can be a mermaid too."

But “Little Mermaid” is not the only film Halle has coming up that holds significance for her and her sister.

"[‘The Color Purple’] was amazing to work on as well — not only because the amazing people associated with the film like Oprah and Steven Spielberg are just really kind souls, but also the fact that we had seen that movie and that's a staple. Growing up, it would always be playing in the background at some auntie or uncle's house. I mean, that movie was kind of the soundtrack of our childhood for a long time."

While working on the remake, Halle left with more than just a deeper appreciation for the film – she also took away some sage advice from Oprah.

"She just really was so encouraging and so complimentary of me, and was saying just to keep going and don't let anybody stop you," Halle said. "Because this business, this whole industry that we're in, is hard and sometimes you get discouraged. And she was just reminding me just to keep going. And I was really grateful to hear that from somebody like her."

While Chloe has a few on-screen projects in the works, too, the thing that fans are perhaps the most excited to see from her is her upcoming album.

"I have had the best time being able to create music and really show my confidence that's on the inside and put it into the music," she said. "And it's just been really fun. Music is therapy for me. And it is a little nerve-wracking knowing that the world hears your darkest and most inner thoughts. But it's so freeing."

And of course, while the pair are busy with their many projects, they make sure to find time for themselves. The two shared with us their skin care must-haves, as well as a couple of other essentials you won’t catch them without.

Shopping Diaries: Chloe and Halle Bailey

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes

"What I love about our approach to beauty is that it's cut from the same cloth, but it's a different color ... it definitely stands on being confident," Chloe said. "I feel like with me, when it comes to beauty, I love the full shebang. I love the glitz, the glam, the contour, snatch, all of that. And sis' is like a less is more approach, but it still stems from your confidence. And you can't pull either off without being confident."

When it comes to the Neutrogena products she uses on her skin, Chloe said that the brand's makeup wipes are her "number one staple." "I have yet to find ones that are just as good as those."

Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Liquid Exfoliating Treatment

"I've been obsessed with the stubborn exfoliating liquid treatment because I have breakouts," Halle said. "Right now, my skin is being nice to me, these last few weeks my skin has been behaving. But whenever I'm in a new environment, whether I'm filming something, have different food, water changes, my skin is like OK you're in a different place, so here you go, here are some new pimples."

She says this formula has been a "lifesaver" for dealing with those breakouts. "I've noticed such a difference in the tone and the texture of my skin, overall smoothness, my pores are smaller. So that is kind of my go-to."

Sephora Collection Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Both sisters spend a lot of time in studios and on sets, and Chloe said that along with the Neutrogena facial wipes, another thing that she likes to have on hand in those moments are facial tools. Specifically, she said facial rollers are "so essential." Before she starts rolling, she added that she likes to put on Neutrogena's Hydroboost Gel.

Amazon Basics Small Space Personal Mini Heater

"I bring my heater everywhere," Halle told us. As proof, she picked up the one that she had sitting next to her during our interview. "I'm so cold all the time."

Eroolu Cat Treadmill

We're always curious to know about the last thing celebrities added to their cart, and for Halle, it was some fun finds for her cat, Poseidon (who Chloe and their brother picked out for her). "I bought a bunch of stuff for Poseidon, I bought this cat running wheel."