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I don't buy expensive jewelry, but these affordable necklaces would fool anyone

These pieces take my outfits to the next level, and each of them are under $15.
Vivian Le / TODAY

When it comes to jewelry, I'm not a fan of the fancy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'll drool over a friend's shiny new engagement ring or the sparkling gemstones calling my name from a shop window as much as the next person — I just don't trust myself with anything marked above $20. It seems that the more zeros on that price tag, the more chances I'm likely to lose it.

That's why I stick to more affordable costume jewelry at the highest quality I can find (I'm not so cheap that I'll allow my fingers to turn green within minutes). Luckily, I found two options from Amazon that look so nice, I'm shocked they're so affordable — and I care enough about them to make sure I don't misplace them any time soon.

Chesky Dainty Silver-Plated Layered Necklace

I have always described myself as a gold girly, thinking it was the only metal type that looked best on me and with all my outfits. However, this layered silver-plated piece helped me fall back in love with the color — and maybe even convince me to at least look at silver accessories a little bit more.

On Amazon, it's described as a "dainty choker;" "dainty" I can get behind since it's made from two thin and differently designed chains. However, it's elegant enough that I wouldn't describe it as a choker — after all, I'm a millennial and can only think of that necklace style as a clasp-less rubber spiral accessory that was impossible to put on (and take off) and only found in a Spencers or a grocery store toy vending machine.

No, this far-from-the-'90s-style choker makes my outfits pop in a completely different way. I paired it with a light green dress and jean jacket for a casual work look, and it offered a subdued but eye-catching fancy flair. (And wow how it gleam in sunlight.) It's also versatile enough to pair with other necklaces if you're into that multiple necklace layered trend circulating the fashion world. I love the different chain sizes and knotted details that give each layer a separate look, yet pair perfectly together — which is good, because you can't separate them.

Chesky Dainty Gold-Plated Layered Necklace

I don't want to pick favorites, but like I said, I'm a fan of gold — so this double-chain necklace checks all the boxes for me. First of all, they are two separate pieces, so you can wear one or both. Either way, you're getting two necklaces for the price of one, and who doesn't like a deal, especially if it looks this good? But these two look great together, so I have yet to wear one without the other.

I hate having to choose between a statement earring or necklace when putting together outfits, but this layered piece makes that decision easy now. I'm obsessed with the double-circle pendant (and it's linked in place, so you won't have a loose charm moving all around the chain). I'm excited to layer this with even more gold-plated jewelry, and imagine it will look great with other textures and colors to create unlimited looks this summer.

What I might love the most between the two is the price. Each come out to less than $15 each, and the silver option has a coupon available if you want to grab it for even less. Plus, there are a bunch of other styles to choose from (trust me, ultimately choosing the two above was a lengthier decision than I care to admit because each style is cuter than the next). There are triple-layered designs, paperclip patterns, chains with clear or black gems and so much more — and they go as low as just $12. If that's not a sign to update your accessory collection for summer, I don't know what is. But I do know that I'll be back for more — especially since they're affordable enough to replace when I inevitably lose them.

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