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13 durable (and top-rated) umbrellas that can handle all the elements

Rain, rain, go away!
Woman walking outside with a cup of coffee, holding a yellow umbrella
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/ Source: TODAY

Fact: You can never really have enough umbrellas. After being caught in downpours without one far too many times, we've realized it's important to have this rainy day essential handy in multiple spots we frequent — our car, entryway and office, for starters.

That being said, finding the best umbrella that's worth your hard-earned money is easier said than done. We've tried more than a few duds in our day, and we're sure you have too, so the Shop TODAY team decided to scour the web for a few umbrellas that customers can't get enough of. We found several top-rated options you're likely to adore.

Best umbrellas, according to shoppers

SY Compact Travel Umbrella

Currently one of Amazon's bestselling folding umbrellas with nearly 11,000 five-star ratings, this affordable option is perfect for windy rainstorms. Available in two straightforward colors plus several eye-catching designs, several shoppers have raved about how quick-drying and user-friendly its design is.

Better Brella Umbrella with Flashlight

"Finally, [an] umbrella you don't have replace after a windy storm," raved one Bed Bath & Beyond shopper who rated Better Brella's multitasking accessory a perfect five stars. Aside from its windproof polyester make, its handle also features a flashlight for when you need to navigate darker terrains.

ShedRain UnbelievaBrella

You'll never need to fret about wet hair when you're carrying around this umbrella from ShedRain. With a unique reverse open-and-close system that funnels water away from your head when closing, you're nearly guaranteed to never feel the elements around you when you're outside. "[It] survived the wind and rain in Portland for a couple weeks and hasn’t let me down. The hook comes in real handy it fits perfectly on the bus seat back to hang up out of the way while on my commute, and then hangs nicely on the shower rod to dry after a really rainy day," added one Amazon reviewer who rated it five stars.

Blunt Metro Umbrella

Perfect for the daily commuter, this innovative umbrella was designed and tested for nearly every kind of storm. Blustery winds? Its canopy has been tested to handle winds equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane, according to the brand. Easy storage? Its compact size was made to fit inside your go-to work bag. Customers have also raved about its build quality and sleek appearance.

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

When we saw that this popular pick had more than 11,000 verified five-star ratings, we were instantly intrigued. The fact that it's made in the U.S. also made us smile. The lightweight yet durable umbrella provides ample coverage yet folds to 11 inches so it can fit snugly in a bag or backpack. Other brag-worthy features include a strong metal shaft and fiberglass ribs; a slip-resistant handle and an automatic open and close button.

One repeat customer applauded the brand's customer service and loved how convenient the umbrella is for traveling. "It secures easily to my laptop bag with a carabiner, and is small and compact, yet fairly sturdy," they wrote. "The feature I love most is the one-button open and close."

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

Most umbrellas that are made for traveling don't offer the same level of quality as other full-size versions, but this one from Rain-Mate has a strong windproof design and a sturdy metal frame. The lightweight, compact umbrella has a handy lifetime replacement policy and a one-touch auto open and close button. The ergonomic handle, seven color options and over 4,800 five-star ratings also make it quite tempting.

Lanbrella Windproof Compact Folding Reverse Umbrella

Sick of umbrellas that take forever to open when you just need some shelter? Lanbrella's folding reverse umbrella is a breeze to operate and features a unique inside-out design. The lightweight umbrella is also windproof — a quality several happy customers raved about.

"Not only was it great to get out of car with being able to push a button and have coverage in hard rain, but the wind didn't even bother it. When returning to my car I hit the button again and closed the umbrella and was able to get quickly into the car without getting soaking wet from rain or drainage from the umbrella," one reviewer wrote.

Repel Double Vented Windproof Umbrella

This compact umbrella from Amazon fits easily into our luggage, stands up to strong coastal winds and keeps us nice and dry thanks to its waterproof Teflon material. Plus, it's got a lifetime replacement guarantee so if it ever does break, the brand will send you a new one for free.

totes NeverWet Auto Open & Close Folding Umbrella

When it's pouring outside, every second counts and fumbling with an umbrella that's hard to open can be a major drag. Luckily, the NeverWet umbrella from totes has an automatic open and close feature that makes it easy to use in a flash.

The umbrella comes in solid black and two playful prints and is constructed with SunGuard UV ray protection that blocks 98 percent of UV rays. As an added bonus, it also has an invisible NeverWet coating that helps rain roll right off so your umbrella stays nice and dry.

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Prefer a bit of variety? G4Free's popular golf umbrella comes in over 20 colors and three sizes. The bestseller has over 16,000 five-star ratings and features a double canopy design and fiberglass frame that fends off powerful gusts of wind.

According to one customer, the umbrella is large, sturdy and expertly constructed. "This umbrella opens easily, quickly, and smoothly with the push of a button. It closes smoothly and feels very strong. The handle is comfortable to hold and the material is very nice quality," they wrote.

Totes Dots Umbrella

Clear umbrellas certainly make a fashion-forward statement on a cloudy, rainy day. With over 5,000 five-star ratings, this one from totes comes well recommended and the translucent design lets you see everything around you. The windproof design is available in three fun patterns — polka dots, birds and a watercolor design — and also comes in a totally clear color.

"I really like this umbrella. Because it is large, it covers more of me when it rains and I can stay dry in most rain storms. It also helps prevent the lower half of my body from getting wet, which was always a problem with smaller umbrellas," one Amazon review reads.

Siepasa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Little details can make a big difference, and this popular umbrella with 16,000+ five-star ratings has a unique and totally useful wrist handle that fits comfortably over arms and wrists, leaving your hands free. The manual open umbrella comes in over 35 colors and has a reverse folding and opening design that prevents water from dripping all over you. Oh, and did we mention it can protect you from harmful UV rays?

MoMA Sky Umbrella

TODAY's resident weatherman recommended this colorful umbrella during an interview with People and it's easy to see why. It's business on the outside with a black exterior and party on the inside with a gorgeous sky pattern interior. Put simply, it's a nice sunny way to brighten up a dreary, rainy day!