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These $30 waterproof high-tops convinced me to ditch my rain boots

I almost look forward to rainy days now.
Courtesy Rylee Johnston

I love showing off my favorite trendy sneakers in the spring, especially when I pair them with my go-to leggings or a flowing cardigan. But rainy days often put a damper on my outfit plans, as there is nothing worse than the feeling of walking around in wet sneakers.

However, I may have just found the perfect solution: I recently purchased a pair of shoes that look just like normal high-tops but double as rain boots. And although I already have my fair share of waterproof boots, these lightweight shoes are less bulky and go with basically any outfit.

Dksuko Waterproof Rain Boots

When I first saw the shoes, I was worried that the rubber material would rub against my skin and irritate it, but after putting them on, those fears immediately disappeared. The boots feature a white lining that's smooth to the touch and feels soft against your feet. Wet or dry, I could never actually feel the rubber on my skin.

Best of all, they truly are waterproof! I even went as far as to pour water on them just to make sure. The water literally bounced right off the shoes, and my feet stayed completely dry. They're also slip-resistant, so I never worry about slipping and falling when they get wet.

On rainy days, I can put these on and still achieve a casual look. The shoes come in a variety of colors, including a black-and-white high-top design that looks just as stylish as any other pair of sneakers that I own. I decided to go with the bright shade of pink (it's one of my favorite colors), and I like how it adds a pop of color to any outfit.

They are surprisingly comfortable, too!
They are surprisingly comfortable, too!Rylee Johnston / TODAY

Most sneakers get dirty easily, but the rubber material makes these ones super easy to clean.

"I am so happy with this purchase!" one verified reviewer wrote. "Wore these to a music festival that was muddy and rained later on during the night. My feet were completely dry and the shoes aren’t ruined, just used baby wipes to clean them off and they’re ready to go again."

I absolutely love how comfortable these shoes are and can't wait to show them off the next time it rains. If you see me dancing in the rain, it'll probably be in these shoes!