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9 gadgets to make homemade ice cream so good, you'll never buy a pint again

Food expert Alejandra Ramos has the scoop on everything you need to make homemade ice cream.

Summer is officially underway — and so are the cravings for some sweet treats. Frequent trips to the ice cream shop can start to add up, and so can grabbing pints from the freezer section of the supermarket each week. If you're looking to save a bit on your weekly grocery list or simply want to know exactly what ingredients are going into your scoops, you're in luck.

Food and lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos joined Hoda & Jenna to share all of the cool gadgets and yummy extras that make the process of homemade ice cream not only effortless but also delicious. You might not want to buy a tub from the store ever again.

From a freezable bowl to a softshell ball that you can make ice cream with just by tossing around, Ramos has the scoop on the coolest essentials you need to make summer's favorite treat.

Bluecell World Ice Cream Pint Sleeves (Set of 2)

Personal pint lovers, rejoice! These koozies for your ice cream will keep your pint cold without any cold fingers or melting mess. Even better? It features a holder for your spoon for when you take a break between bites.

Dash Mini Waffle Bowl Maker

Have a bowl of ice cream and eat it, too, with this waffle bowl maker. After you enjoy a sundae, it can also be used to make burrito bowls.

Relaxus Drip-Free Popsicle Holder (Set of 3)

Long gone are the days of melted ice cream that you can no longer enjoy. Ramos loves these popsicle holders that catch any drips and even feature a straw, so you can drink up any of the ice cream that would have been lost.

MindWare One-Quart Play & Freeze Softshell Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream doesn't always involve churning. With this innovative ice cream maker, it involves tossing, throwing and rolling. This softshell ball has two compartments, one for the ice and salt and another for the rest of the ingredients, that make creating a creamy treat doable in just 20 minutes.

Zeroll Heat-Conductive Ice Cream Scoop

This scoop is a bestseller for a reason, and Ramos says it's the one used by most ice cream shops. It doesn't need to be dipped in hot water in order to work — it uses heat-conductive liquid that utilizes your body heat to make scooping a breeze. Elbow grease might not be needed for the perfect cone anymore.

Chef'n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

Ramos compared the style of ice cream this gadget makes to that of Cold Stone Creamery. All you need to do is pour in the ice cream base and then add your own mix-ins to enjoy. It includes two spades, a scoop and a recipe book to help you get started.

Host Ice Cream Freeze Bowl

Prevent your ice cream from melting on hot summer days with this insulated bowl. It is made with a special gel that freezes and can stay cold for hours, keeping everything from ice cream to frozen yogurt at the temperature you want it at.

Bowlz Ice Cream Bowl

This bowl will keep your ice cream ice cold, but it can also be used to keep your hot food hot too. The stainless steel bowl comes in three different pastel colors and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Aakron Color Changing Reusable Ice Cream Kit

Make the next family ice cream night a lot more fun with these color-changing essentials. When the bowls and spoons get cold, they change colors as they react to the temperatures. You can even use them when enjoying hot foods, too.

Wilton Sprinkles Avocado Sprinkles Mix

These might not necessarily be a gadget, but they can also make ice cream nights a lot more fun! These avocado sprinkles are bound to make any sweet treat more enjoyable.

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