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Heat making you miserable? Score deals on cooling fans, ACs and more — starting at $12

Cool off once and for all.
F.J. Jimenez / Getty Images

If you've been feeling sweaty and sticky from the heat recently, you're not the only one. Record-breaking temperatures have been sweeping the country, leaving people sweating and in search of ways to keep cool.

And if your AC isn't doing the trick, it might be time for an upgrade. There are a number of personal fans, tower fans, AC units and other unique cooling solutions on the market — and right now, you can even get many of them on sale.

From personal desk coolers to neck fans, here are 16 solutions that you can score for a discount right now.

Fans and other cooling solutions on sale

Aluan Desk Fan

This is another option that's great for keeping at your desk or on your bedside table to provide a slight breeze while you sleep or work. It has two speeds and is designed to be ultra-quiet, according to the brand.

TriPole Mini Handheld Fan

This battery-operated fan has an average 4.7-star rating from nearly 20,000 ratings. Shoppers say that for its size, it provides surprisingly powerful air flow and is good for outdoor events, theme park visits and more.

Jisulife Handheld Fan

If you're looking for something a little more inconspicuous, grab this handheld fan while it's nearly 50% off. It's designed with soft blades, which can be folded into the fan for easier carrying. While it's said that it can run for up to 46 hours providing a light breeze, it can also double as a portable phone charger or flashlight.

SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan

"This fan’s features are excellent, especially for the price," wrote one of the many shoppers who gave this portable fan a five-star rating. "The fan is lightweight and compact, but still powerful enough to put out a surprising amount of air. The three speed switch is easy to press and you can pivot the fan up and down. The USB power cord is permanently attached and you can power this from any USB outlet, including a portable battery bank. Perfect for travel, outdoors, office, etc."

WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan

This bestselling fan has a tripod design, which should make it easy to attach to a stroller or even a beach umbrella. It comes in multiple colors, all of which are currently marked down on Amazon.

FrSara Neck Fan

Stick this fan in your bag and pull it out whenever you need to quickly cool down. It has three different wind speeds that you can switch between, and it can run for up to 16 hours, the brand says.

HandFan Portable Misting Fan

"We bought this fan to take to the zoo on a very hot day and it did not disappoint," one shopper wrote. "It comes with a somewhat large rechargeable battery (as opposed to traditional AA or AAA) and I was concerned it would loose power since 2 kids would be sharing it. I even packed an external little battery charger just in case. But the battery hasn’t died yet and that was 2 weeks ago! The mist was a big hit with the kids and adults alike and sure felt great."

Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 Evaporative Air Cooler

Before I finally decided to invest in an air conditioning unit, I stayed cool with this personal air cooler. The evaporative cooler works by pulling in hot air and fanning it through a water-soaked filter. While it definitely won't cool down a whole room, it's perfect for putting next to your bed or on your desk while you work.

Best Tower Fans on Sale

Uthfy Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote

If you're looking for a powerful personal cooling solution that doesn't break the bank, this 30-inch tower fan checks all the boxes. Smaller than most oscillating tower fans, this cooling solution optimizes space while offering you cooling relief with three fan speeds and three modes.

Holmes 42" Digital Tower Fan with Accent Light

Stay cool and benefit from some mood lighting by investing in this digital tower fan while it's on sale for less than $60. The fan has five speed settings, and the light can switch between warm and cool settings.

Dreo Nomad 90°Oscillating Fan

With four speeds and four modes, this oscillating fan has 16 ways you can customize your cooling needs. The tower fan has a hidden handle that makes transportation easier (should you need to move it around) and appearance smoother.

Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Purifying Fan

Dyson's tower fan purifies the air in your room while keeping it cool. The brand says the tower fan can control airflow, capture wildfire smoke and "[remove] 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns."

Best ACs on Sale

Frigidaire FFRA051WAE Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

Window air conditioner units cool your room while giving you more space to decorate. One Shop TODAY contributor's home says this unit always works against the humid New York City heat.

MaxKare 8000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

This 3-in-1 portable air conditioner can cool off a room up to 200 square feet. The unit can act as an air conditioner, fan or air purifier and features an "easy-to-read" control panel, according to the brand. Grab it today and save almost $500.

Black + Decker 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This 3-in-1 portable air conditioner can cool, fan or purify your air depending on your preferences. As the number one bestseller in portable air conditioners on Amazon, the unit has earned more than 28,000 verified five-star reviews.

Costway 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

With the power to cool off a room up to 350 square feet, this portable air conditioner truly knows how to beat the heat. Along with its built-in handle for transportation, the air conditioner shines because of its four modes: ventilating, drying, air cooling and sleep.