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12 bath salts and soaks of 2021 to soothe sore muscles

These calming essentials will help you finally relax.
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Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, suffer from a chronic illness or simply struggle with daily body aches and pains, there’s one thing that we can safely say will relieve some of that physical tension: a warm bath.

There’s just something so relaxing about taking a long, hot soak. And as an avid runner, I can confirm that the right bath products can help relieve some serious soreness post-workout. In an effort to help you build the most muscle-soothing bath of your dreams, we’ve scoured online reviews and tested multiple bath time formulas. After much research, it’s official: These are the best soaks for body pain.

Bath soaks for post-workout recovery and body aches

1. Dr. Teal's Wellness Therapy Rosemary & Mint Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

As the most affordable option on our list, this Dr. Teal's epsom salt is perfect for those that plan on taking a lot of baths (the 48-ounce package is great for multiple uses!). Utilizing pure epsom salt — which is known to revitalize overworked muscles — and essential oils to calm the overall senses, this pick is always a fan favorite.

2. Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Mineral Bath Salt Soak

Arnica — the main ingredient in this salt soak — is often used to treat aches and pains, making this bath product the perfect pick for sore limbs. As a bonus, the orange color gives your bath a fun shade to soak in.

3. Lather Muscle Ease Bath Salts

The Himalayan pink salt in this formula is both pretty and effective, relaxing the body instantly upon contact. Aromas of eucalyptus and spearmint invigorate the senses for a full body treatment. Plus, it’s free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and artificial colors.

4. Herbivore Calm Bath Salts

Another product featuring Himalayan pink salt, this option also contains ylang-ylang essential oil, which helps hydrate and smooth the skin. Simply add a quarter of the bottle to your bath before each soak and let it dissolve for about a minute before hopping into the tub.

5. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Dead Sea Salt Muscle Relief Mineral Soak

Added to a warm bath, these salts — which contain magnesium sulfate — are exactly what you need to relieve achy joints. While this epsom salt soak was created specifically with pain relief in mind, it also incorporates raw shea butter and coconut oil to help nourish the skin during your tub time.

6. Coach Soak: Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

With over 2,300 five-star ratings on Amazon, this muscle recovery soak is a favorite for relieving a tired body. Magnesium flakes, dead sea salt and vitamin C crystals absorb quickly to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process of a pained body.

7. Bathorium Eucalyptus Apothecary Crush

Eucalyptus, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils are housed in this salt soak to deeply penetrate the muscle tissue. After just 10 minutes of use, your whole body feels relaxed — trust us.

8. Milk + Honey Eucalyptus, Arnica, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram Sore Muscle Soak No.18

Kick back and relax in a tub full of this potent mix of epsom salt, arnica, organic eucalyptus and sweet marjoram. Not only will it provide tension relief and boost blood flow, but it’ll also help detoxify the body while you soak.

9. Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak

Formulated with moisturizing essential oils, calming cannabis sativa oil and mineral salts, this liquid-based option is ideal for easing both the mind and body. Even better, the almond oil within the blend nourishes the skin for long-term softness.

10. Goop Beauty Phys. Ed Recovery Bath Soak

This product was specifically designed for post-workout use. Using apple cider vinegar, arnica and turmeric, this option helps overworked muscles rebound quickly.

11. The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Soothing Muscle Soak

Enjoy this soak after a particularly hard gym session — or any other physical activity for that matter. The arnica alleviates soreness while juniper and grapefruit revitalize the skin.

12. Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak

Besides the fact that this soak uses mineral-rich sea salt to ease pain, it also features a blend of lavender, rosemary, thyme and chamomile to soothe the senses. According to the brand, it’s ideal for relieving menstrual cramps, arthritis, rheumatism and swelling.

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