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This brow serum undid my years of over-plucking in less than a month

Anastasia Beverly Hills' first-ever brow serum gave me fuller, tamer and softer brows.
Trio of images using the Anastasia Brow Genius
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Shannon Garlin

If you grew up in the mid 90s to early aughts, chances are you fell victim to over-tweezing and suffered the results of over-plucked brows. I certainly did. Though, I'm one of the lucky ones whose brow hair somewhat grew back — but not quite to their full potential.

Whether you have naturally thinner brows or are trying reverse your beauty mistakes from the early 2000s, there are (luckily) tons of products on the market to help fill-in and create the illusion of a bold brow — from pencils to powders to micro-blading. But what if you're looking to upgrade and enhance your natural hairs?

I've always been a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills and have used the Brow Powder Duo for years. So, when the brand sent me its new Brow Genius serum to try before the launch, I was excited to try it out. Would this new drop revive my eyebrows and help them become the fuller, natural brows of my dreams?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Conditioning Brow Serum

What is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius?

According to the brand, Brow Genius is a "multi-benefit brow serum that noticeably improves hair texture, manageability and encourages the appearance of fuller-looking brows." It's formulated with six ingredients that help strengthen and smooth the hair, including red clover extract peptide, Korean red ginseng, panthenol, biotin and castor oil. In just eight weeks, the brand says your brows should appear fuller and tamer.

They also say that following a 12-week trial, 86 percent of users said their brows no longer looked sparse. After reading those stats, I couldn't wait to twist the rose gold cap off and start applying.

How do you use Brow Genius?

For best results, the brand says to use Brow Genius both morning and night for up to eight weeks. Although I was signing up for a lengthy time commitment, my brow journey was actually quite simple.

I followed the product instructions by gently applying the serum to clean brows with small, upward strokes. The brand says to focus the formula on sparse areas, so I applied a little extra to the end of my brows where the arch and hair is thinnest. I also made sure to get in-between the hairs and make sure every area was thoroughly coated.

Does this brow serum work?

So far, I say yes! I started using this brow serum in early July, so I'm only on week five of my brow glow-up. Although I skipped a few mornings of use (but religiously added the serum into my nighttime skin routine), I am already seeing results!

Imagesof a woman after 3 weeks of using the Anastasia Brow Genius
I saw results in just three weeks!Courtesy Shannon Garlin

In fact, I actually started to see a noticeable difference after just three weeks — my brows look darker and fuller! Plus, the hairs feel stronger and thicker, as well as more conditioned and less coarse. I also love how my Brow Powder Duo pairs with the serum formula. I'm noticing a smoother and more effortless application.

Overall, my brows feel so much healthier and tame-able — and fluffier! — than they were five weeks ago. After seeing results this quickly, I can't wait to see what they look like at the eight-to-12 week mark.

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