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First I was skeptical, but these $7 ‘wrist towels’ are the beauty hack I didn’t know I needed

I now use these every single day.
Courtesy Casey Dawson

Picture this: You're washing your face at the end of a long day, and as you rinse off the cleanser from your skin, water cascades down your arms, drips all over the sink and even splashes on the floor.

Sound familiar? If yes, then you understand my daily dilemma. I’m the type of person who, no matter how neatly and nicely I try, I always emerge from washing my face like I’ve stepped out of a pool. Wet arms (or worse — wet sleeves!) and water spills just seem inevitable, especially when scrubbing off a face mask or full face of makeup.

At this point in my life, I had accepted that this is just an unavoidable part of my routine. But then, my mom gifted me these “wrist towels” from Amazon. I initially thought they were a funny-but-redundant product — a silly gag gift that I'd never use and would eventually throw away (I tend to be more of a skeptic!). But to my surprise, after just one use, these wrist bands quickly became an essential part of my daily life.

Crosize Wrist Towels for Washing Face

Similar to wearing a sweatband for workouts, these wrist bands are a genius solution to an everyday irritation I didn’t even realize I could solve.

What sets these apart from the traditional sweatband, though, is the material. They’re made of an exceptionally soft microfiber material, so they feel plush and very lightweight. They also have looser elastic, so you can slide them easily onto your wrists without any uncomfortable tightness and squeezing. You would think this type of fluffy material wouldn’t be effective at absorbing water, but they have consistently been able to soak up all of my water runoff. And even better, the bands never feel excessively wet and heavy after. 

They're easy to clean and durable

After I’m done using them, I just hang them on a towel hook in my bathroom and they’re dry by the time I return at the end of the day. When they start to look a little beaten up, I just throw them in the washing machine with my other towels and they come out looking brand new. I’ve used them for almost two months now and haven’t noticed any issues with shedding or the elastic loosening, so I’d say they’re fairly durable. Of course, I’m sure I’ll have to replace them eventually, but they certainly aren’t falling apart after a few washes.

They’re a practical solution for more than you'd think

At just $7 for a pack of three, these wrist bands feel like a steal considering that I use them every day. And other customers agree — there are over 2,000 5-star reviews for this pick. Some users say they also use them while washing dishes or cleaning, and others say they have their kids use them, too. They even come in a variety of pretty colors or cute animal shapes!

If you’re finding yourself constantly having to wipe up excess water while washing your face, doing the dishes and more, then I’d highly recommend this product. It seems silly to say, but I love these little wristbands! It’s one of those products that feels unnecessary, but it eliminates an easily solvable inconvenience, so why not?