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Al Roker says Allbirds are his favorite sustainable sneakers

Helping the environment one shoe at a time.
Today - Season 68
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We should note that these products were independently chosen by the TODAY anchors. The anchors are not paid to mention them and are unaffiliated with these brands. The products are simply some of their favorite things.

Along with his delightful colorful glasses and sharp suits, TODAY's Al Roker is also known for his dedication to bringing awareness to climate change. Not only does he help cover environmental issues, but he also tries to reduce his own carbon footprint as much as possible.

Al recently talked about some of his favorite sustainable products in an interview with Parade, and he revealed that his pair of Allbirds Wool Runners has become his go-to eco-friendly sneaker.

Allbirds Men's Wool Runners

"It’s a less harmful sneaker, and they’re comfortable!” Al told Parade. “It’s a way to buy something and feel a little less concerned about the carbon footprint."

The upper part of the sneaker is made of wool, while the midsole is made from Brazilian sugarcane. The insole was created with castor bean oil rather than a petroleum-based foam because it emits less carbon, while the shoelaces are made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Allbirds Women's Wool Runners

The sneaker comes in four classic colors and several limited edition designs, so there's enough variety to fit any shoe collection.

Allbirds reviewers love how warm the sneakers are, especially during the colder months.

"The shoe is really light and comfortable, and keeps your foot warm even in below-freezing temperatures," wrote a reviewer. "My foot never felt tired even after walking for an entire day and the best part is it goes well with any outfit."

The sneakers were made with ventilation in mind and are designed to ensure a quick-dry if the shoes get wet.

"The runners are perfect!" praised a reviewer. "Not too hot and breathable, perfect for New England winter so far! They dry exceptionally quick if they do get a little wet."

If you're on a mission to become more sustainable, switching your sneakers and other everyday items for eco-friendly alternatives could be a small but effective way to start.

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