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Here's how Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. tag-team busy mornings

The key to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s busy mornings? Organization.
/ Source: TODAY

The key to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s busy mornings? Organization. And a whole lot of java. The parents work together to get their daughter Charlotte, 8, and son Rocky, 5, out the door.

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What time do you get up?

Usually Freddie and I get up at around the same time. He takes the shower first and I start to get the milks and lunches ready.

What about your kids, Charlotte and Rocky?

Our kids have their alarms set for 7am.

What do you sleep in?

I sleep in PJs.

Who handles breakfast?

Usually one of us goes down and makes breakfast. The other one helps with uniforms and getting everyone ready.

Do you tag team?

Some mornings we do it together and some mornings we switch.

I assume coffee is a big part of the morning!

We do a drip coffee and make it at home.

Anything you listen to, to get your day started?

I love Broadway musicals. I will sing them. I’m on a big "Chess" kick. "Hamilton" is always playing. I just took them to see "Hamilton" last month.

As for the school run?

If I’m home, I take the kids to school. I take Charlotte to the bus and I drive Rocky to school. If he goes with Freddie, they go to this cafe and get breakfast burritos.

And then?

Once I drop the kids off, I head to the office.

You sound so organized!

Our nighttimes are organized and ritualistic. No phones at the table. If there’s emergency, call us on the house phone. No one calls us on the house phone. Freddie and Charlotte are reading Harry Potter. Reading is always in there. We have 30 minutes of story time.