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‘Selling Sunset’ star Chelsea Lazkani unpacks Season 7 'social climber' debate

The real estate agent explains why those two words affected the agents so deeply.

"Social climber."

Those two words are at the heart of a debate in Season Seven of "Selling Sunset," which seems to poke at the real estate agents' insecurities about their careers and whether their success was earned.

The trouble begins at Oppenheim Group agent Chelsea Lazkani's masquerade-themed 30th birthday party. There, she tells Emma Hernan that their co-agent, Nicole Young, had called her a "social climber."

Merriam-Webster defines the phrase as “(a person) who attempts to gain a higher social position or acceptance in fashionable society.” For the women of “Selling Sunset,” it’s an accusation.

If you're thinking Emma brushed this off, then you have never seen "Selling Sunset." Emma confronts Nicole at the party, leading to a screaming match involving fellow agent Chrishell Stause (keep in mind this is the second time Chrishell and Nicole fought at a party Chelsea hosted).

"I think I just provide the best like alcohol," Chelsea tells "I think they must water the alcohol down at everyone else's events. And I keep mine like, very, very high grade. So that's what it is at this point."

Selling Sunset
Chelsea Lazkani in "Selling Sunset."Netflix

'Social climber' debate, unpacked

Chelsea has a suspicion about why the "social climber" comment led to such an uproar.

"It's so damaging for many reasons," she says. "As a woman in business, being that we have to work exponentially harder just to be seen and be in certain rooms, when we've attained a level of success to be called that."

She says that she and her cast mates sympathized with Emma.

"We know her. We know her heart. We know her hustle. We know how hard she works. Everybody does. Why take that from another woman?"

Selling Sunset
Emma Hernan, Chrishell Stause, Chelsea Lazkani in "Selling Sunset."Netflix

Chelsea's method for staying focused

While the show is marked by fights, the mom of two says she tries to keep her mind on real estate, not feuds.

"That saying if it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense. That's kind of how I feel about everything," Chelsea says. "Drama-wise. I'm like, OK, you know, is what it is, moving on. Where's the next deal out? That's what I'm really concerned about."

She has an unusual — but on-brand — method for keeping focused.

"I put my property tax slip on my mirror. So when I wake up in the morning, and I remember that I've got a really huge payment to make in a couple of months, no matter what drama is taking place at the office, I'm already thinking about like my money and business. First and foremost," she says.

Where Chelsea stands stands with Bre Tiesi

This season saw Chelsea trying to make amends with Bre Tiesi, after last season's feud over what was said about Bre's relationship with Nick Cannon, as well as the son they share together, Legendary Love Cannon.

“I think, fundamentally, loyalty is very important in relationships, and if you can’t even be loyal to one man, then I don’t know if you can be loyal to friends," said Chelsea last season.

In the Season Six finale, Bre told Chelsea she felt "judged."

“You’re judging me based off of my man and how he lives his life,” she said. “You do not have to understand my relationship. Nobody does, because I do not give a f--- if they understand my relationship.”

This season, Chelsea took a different approach, and attempted to apologize to Bre.

She tells they now have an "evolving relationship."

"You're gonna have to follow along with it to see like, where it ends up. We're gonna watch this play out together, essentially," she says. She's just as interested as we are.