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Celebrities are back reading 'Mean Tweets' about themselves — try not to cry laughing

They're mean. They're tweets. They're as hilarious as ever.
Don't worry. Tom Hanks handled his mean tweet like a champ.
Don't worry. Tom Hanks handled his mean tweet like a champ.Jimmy Kimmel Live
/ Source: TODAY

You don’t have to be mean to be funny, but it can sure go a long way.

Jimmy Kimmel brought back one of his signature bits Monday when “Mean Tweets” returned with celebrities reading some cruel comments regular folks wrote about them on Twitter.

It’s the 13th edition of the popular segment and appears to be the first since No. 12 rolled out in September 2019.

As has become custom, the segment was set against R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts,” with some A-listers reciting and then responding to the tweets that are just a wee bit too harsh.

“Allison Janney looks like a substitute teacher everyone hates,” the Oscar winner read.

“Well, f--- you,” she said with a smile.

Tracy Morgan may have had a straight face, but viewers didn't after hearing him read his meat tweet.Jimmy Kimmel Live

“Tom Hanks is so sweaty in ‘Top Gun,’ get a shower you smelly little dwarf,” the Oscar winner read.

That I take personally,” he said. And, yes, you’re not the only one who realizes the Tom in “Top Gun” is actually Tom Cruise.

“Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham took her criticism in stride.

Hannah Waddingham can take what Twitter dishes out.Jimmy Kimmel Live

“This is no hate to Hannah Waddingham because I’m sure she’s lovely but she looks insufferable,” the Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated actor read.

“F--- you,” she sang in response. “How about that?”

“Spider-Man” star Tom Holland also let the person who put him on blast have it.

“Well Tom Holland is an absolute wanker,” he read.

Kevin Hart's connection to Shaquille O'Neal was cause for laughter.Jimmy Kimmel Live

“And he’s also Spider-Man,” he calmly replied with a light giggle.

Kevin Hart had some fun when someone picked on his size.

“This is just wrong: Shaq’s penis is Kevin Hart,” he read, a reference to NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

John Cena may have won the entire segment, though.

John Cena's cheeky response was smart and hilarious.Jimmy Kimmel Live

“F--- off @JohnCena you talentless ball sack,” he read.

“I take offense to this. Only because a ball sack holds a ton of talent,” he calmly fired back. “It has half of the DNA to create human life. That’s a pretty fascinating thing.”

Ted Danson, Anne Hathaway, Dakota Johnson, Regina King and Henry Winkler were among the other stars who took part and showed they have a pretty thick skin that surely someone somewhere tweeted is getting too leathery.