Sean Penn, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and other celebrities read mean tweets on 'Kimmel'

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There are plenty of perks to being a celebrity, but avoiding harsh criticism isn't one of them.

In fact, skewering stars is practically a pastime for some on Twitter, and nothing proves that point better than Jimmy Kimmel's regular bit "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets."

But be warned! This clip contains harsh language and downright dirty sentiments.

On Thursday's show, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kurt Russell, Elizabeth Banks and more lend their voices to their own haters — and the results were hilarious!

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"Daniel Radcliffe is one of God's most unattractive creations since the aardvark," the "Harry Potter" star said with a mock-solemn expression.

Actress Kirsten Dunst found that one non-fan thought her teeth looked like "Tic Tacs throwing gang signs."

But Sean Penn may have had the saddest (and funniest!) line of all to share:

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