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Ryan Reynolds gushes over 'greatest present' Blake Lively has ever given him

The "Deadpool" star showed off a painting given to him by wife Blake Lively that brought him fond memories of his childhood in Canada.
/ Source: TODAY

A special present from Blake Lively to husband Ryan Reynolds has taken the "Deadpool" star back to a nostalgic time when his job was throwing newspapers at houses and not swords at bad guys.

Reynolds, 42, posted photos on Instagram Thursday of a painting Lively gifted him that features fun reminders of Reynolds' childhood in Canada, when delivering newspapers was his first job.

While it looks like a simple scene of a boy about to toss a newspaper at a home on his delivery route, there are multiple parts of the painting by artist Danny Galieote that have special meaning for Reynolds.

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"My first job was delivering newspapers for the Vancouver Sun,'' he wrote. "The house in the painting is my childhood home. My brothers and I spent years trying to kill each other on that lawn. There are a lot of Easter eggs in the painting, including my idol John Candy on the front page of the newspaper.

"The house no longer stands but it’s a living, breathing thing in my head."

Reynolds has often paid tribute to Candy, a fellow Canadian actor and comic great who died of a heart attack at 43 in 1994.

Lively, 31, who revealed in May that she's pregnant with the couple's third child, may have inadvertently endangered herself by giving Reynolds such a great gift.

"This piece of art is the greatest present my wife has ever given me,'' he wrote on Instagram. "If there’s ever a fire, I’m grabbing this first. I’ll come back for Blake."