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Pat Sajak's daughter steps in as letter turner on 'Wheel of Fortune'

It looks like the younger Sajak has learned a thing or two about being on the show.
/ Source: TODAY

A Sajak did appear on Monday’s “Wheel of Fortune” — but it wasn’t Pat.

Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, took the stage next to guest host Vanna White on Monday’s episode of the popular game show. White had been hosting in Pat's absence while he recovered from an emergency surgery for a blocked intestine.

“Wheel of Fortune” fans know that Pat did return to the broadcast last week. But, as Pat himself said in a taped introduction that aired before Monday's episode, the game show's taping schedule is to explain for his absence in this week's shows.

“It’s not that I’ve had a relapse. It’s just because of the technicalities of the taping order and all that,” he said.

He then said White would once again assume his role as host, while adding there’d be a special guest. “And we have a special letter toucher, so pay attention,” he said.

When the episode began, White brought out Maggie.

"I'm happy to fill in, but you know, I could do this even better hosting the show with a Sajak," White said. "Everyone, please welcome Pat's daughter, Maggie Sajak."

Maggie, 25, walked onto the stage and gave everyone an update about her dad.

"He's doing well. From the perspective of his daughter, it was a scary experience. I'm not gonna lie," she said. "But he's doing great, and I know he's so excited to be back next week."

As the episode drew to a close, the two showed a clip of Maggie on the set back in 1996 just after she turned a year old.

"You have not changed at all!" joked White.

The elder Sajak, 73, underwent surgery in November, causing the show to cancel a taping.

A few days after the surgery, he took to Twitter to reveal he was on the mend.

“I’m so grateful for all the good wishes during my recent illness,” he wrote. “Happy to say that the worst has passed, and I’ll be out of the hospital in a day (or) two, then back to work (unless @TheVannaWhite has completely taken over!)” Sajak wrote.

A few weeks after that, he was spotted at a Washington Capitals game with Maggie in his first public appearance since he had the procedure.