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Nikki and Brie Bella once swapped identities on a date. It didn't end well 

“I was like, let’s not do that again.”
/ Source: TODAY

Double trouble!

Being identical twins has come in handy for Nikki and Brie Garcia (who recently stopped using their stage names, Nikki and Brie Bella) — including when they were dating in college. 

Brie, 39, revealed on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” April 13 that she once pretended to be Nikki to set her sister up on a date.

“So there was this time where I was dating someone, but I was in traffic in San Diego, and there was this really good-looking guy in a truck and was trying to get my attention to get my number,” Brie recalled. 

Brie thought the guy might be perfect for Nikki, so she tried to help her twin out.

“In my head I was like, ‘I can’t let this guy go. Like, even though I’m dating someone, I’m just going to be Nikki for a second,’” Brie continued. “So I gave him my number and then I went back to the dorms and I was like, ‘You have to go on a date with this guy. He’s super cute.’”

The twins went through with the identity swap and Nikki went out on a date with the guy, pretending it had been her in the car all along.

But when she decided to come clean, things did not go smoothly.

“I decided to tell him the whole story and he was so weirded out,” Nikki said. “He goes, ‘Wait, I met your sister first?’ And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, my twin sister but it’s OK because she’s dating someone, so I just took her place.’ And he was like, ‘Wait, what?’ And there was never a second date. … And I was like, let’s not do that again.”

“It was a little weird,” Brie said. “It was kind of fun, though, for me.”

The Garcia twins, who were born 16 minutes apart, also confessed that they sometimes switched identities to help each other out in their college classes. 

“When I was better at a subject, I would test for Brie,” Nikki said. “We did that a few times where we tested for each other. Or they would drop you if you weren’t there four times, so then we would be there for each other.”

While their identity-swapping days may be over, the twins are still extremely close, and live in houses just 400 feet apart.

In a remarkable coincidence, they also happened to welcome new babies less than a day apart.

Nikki’s son, Matteo, her first child with now-husband Artem Chigvintsev, was born on July 31, 2020.

And Brie’s son, Buddy, her second child with husband Daniel Bryan, was born just 22 hours later on Aug. 1.

She and Bryan also share a daughter, Birdie, 5.

Nikki’s due date was originally Aug. 6, but her water broke early — which sparked both of their competitive spirits.

“I was with her and was like, ‘My sister is really going into labor before me?’” Brie told People in 2020.

To which Nikki replied, “I compete at everything.”