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Ryan Gosling gifts BTS’ Jimin his ‘most prized possession’ after stealing his look

The actor said he had to abide by “an unspoken Ken code.”
/ Source: TODAY

Ryan Gosling is giving credit where credit is due. 

On July 19, the 42-year-old actor appeared in a video message posted to the Twitter account for his upcoming movie “Barbie.” 

In the clip, Gosling spoke directly to BTS member Jimin, paying his respects to the musician for wearing a cowboy-inspired outfit that Ken also sports in the film. 

But, it turns out the singer actually wore the tasseled ensemble first. He rocked the look almost exactly two years ago for his group’s “Permission to Dance” music video. 

So, the “Barbie” star needed to honor Jimin and abide by “an unspoken Ken code.”

“Hi Jimin, it’s Ryan Gosling here,” the “La La Land” actor said in the video. “I noticed that your ‘Permission to Dance’ outfit was the same as my Ken outfit in the upcoming movie ‘Barbie.’” 

He continued, “I have to give it to you, you wore it first. You definitely wore it best.” 

Simply declaring Jimin as the better dressed Ken was not enough. Gosling had to also follow a special Ken protocol to properly show his appreciation for Jimin’s fashion sense. 

“There’s an unspoken Ken code that if you bite another Ken’s style, you have to give them your most prized possession. So, I hope you’ll accept Ken’s guitar as my humble offering,” Gosling said.

He then held up one of Ken’s many props from the movie that double as accessories to his iconic outfits. Gosling gifted the “Like Crazy” singer a black and white guitar that said “Ken” on it and included an image of Pegasus. 

“And besides, Ken doesn’t really play anyway,” Gosling added. “So it’ll be much better in your hands.” 

Fans could barely contain their excitement after seeing the “Barbie” and BTS worlds collide. 

“I need to see Jimin with the guitar immediately,” one person tweeted

Another said, “JIMIN IS OUR BARBIE.” 

Other members of the BTS Army speculated that Jimin could be involved with the film in some way, possibly appearing on the track or making a cameo in the flick. 

Fans will get to see Gosling wear Ken’s cowboy look and multiple other outfits when “Barbie” is released on July 21. The trailers for the movie have revealed that Ken added a pink bandana, belt and white cowboy hat to his version of the rancher outfit. 

In a few teasers, Ken wears the ensemble after he leaves Barbie Dreamland with Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, and the two escape to the real world. 

Barbie dons a similar white hat as well as a pink vest and matching laced-up, flared pants.

Robbie has continued to wow in outfits inspired by the doll for the press tour. She has brought “Enchanted Evening” Barbie, “Day to Night” Barbie, the original retro Barbie and more to life. 

Meanwhile, Gosling left his Ken wardrobe on set. Instead, he sweetly honored his partner and actor Eva Mendes with one of his red carpet appearances. He wore a necklace with a bright pink “E” charm on it in honor of his longtime love.