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Al Roker has made 49 cameos in TV and film. See a preview of his 50th in ‘Good Burger 2’

"Good Burger 2" is set to hit theaters on Nov. 22.

Al Roker is on a roll!

Over the past 20 years, Al has appeared in 49 different TV shows and movies. His 50th cameo will be in "Good Burger 2," where he'll make an appearance as a weatherman.

In anticipation of his big role, Al shared an exclusive preview of his appearance in the upcoming film on TODAY Nov. 16.

In the clip, Al showed Kel Mitchell's character, Ed, how he uses a green screen for work.

While standing in a newsroom, Ed started clicking a button that changed the animations on a green screen monitor behind him. The pair both screamed when they saw a burger tornado, a french fry hurricane and more.

Al Roker
Al Roker shows Kel Mitchell's character, Ed, how to change the green screen background in preview clip for "Good Burger 2."TODAY

"I had such a good time with him filming that scene," Al said on TODAY. "And I've been lucky enough to play around on a handful of iconic sets."

Over the years, Al has appeared in a number of great TV shows and movies like "Will & Grace," "Billions" and "Men in Black."

Al Roker on Billions
Al Roker and David Costabile on Season Season, Episode Four, of "Billions."Showtime

In "Men in Black," Al said he didn't know if was going to appear in the movie or not because he thought the scene of him doing the weather on a monitor was going to be cut in editing.

It wasn't until he saw the movie with his wife, Deborah Roberts, and his 36-year-old daughter, Courtney, that he realized he was put into the movie as a celebrity alien.

"Zed brings Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones into this one control area, and it’s where they monitor all alien activity on Earth. And there I am doing the weather, I think I’m next to Sylvester Stallone and near Danny DeVito," Al recalled.

"I didn’t know whether I was going to make the final cut. So Deborah, Courtney and I had gone to the premiere and Courtney goes, 'What, wait, you’re an alien?' And Deborah’s like “Explains a lot," he continued. "I was thrilled."

Al Roker in "The Proud Family."
Al Roker in "The Proud Family."Disney/ TODAY

In 2003, Al made an appearance in the animated TV show "The Proud Family," where he played a mischievous genie who grants wishes.

"It's kind of fun being a kind of bad guy because you get to say things and do things that are opposite of who you are," he said. "Or is it???"

As for “Good Burger 2,” Al will be playing a weatherman alongside the movie’s original stars Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.

Al Roker making an appearance in "Good Burger 2."
Al Roker, Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson in "Good Burger 2."TODAY

In the movie, Al will be doing a bit of “physical improvisation” with the “All That” stars and Mitchell says that Al did a good job at keeping up with them.

“I threw a lot of stuff at him and he came right back with it,” Mitchell told in a Nov. 13 interview.