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Lisa Kudrow reveals her son once thought Jennifer Aniston was his mom

Kudrow said she understands — Aniston is "a lovebug."
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Kudrow's son clearly felt a bond with Aniston.Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage
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Who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston?

Nobody, that's who — and that includes at least one of the children of her former "Friends" co-stars!

Lisa Kudrow appeared on "Conan" Wednesday and revealed that her son Julian, who's now 23 and was quite young while "Friends" was originally on the air, would sometimes visit the set. And while there, he not only was instantly drawn to Aniston, he even thought she was his mom at one point!

"He got a little confused," host Conan O'Brien, 58, said. "I know that he really was obsessed with Jen."

"He'd fly into her lap. Well, she's a lovebug, and that made sense," replied Kudrow, 57. "And I was always glad for anyone that Julian felt love for and felt from."

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Julian was actually part of the show while still in utero; Kudrow's pregnancy in season four led to a story about Phoebe carrying triplets. So it made sense that she would bring him to the set once he was old enough.

The attachment to Aniston didn't end on set, either, said Kudrow. "At home, she'd be on TV, and he'd go, 'Mommy!'" Kudrow laughed.

Last week, Julian (who presumably has become less confused in his later years) celebrated his 23rd birthday, and Kudrow posted rare pictures of him on Instagram to wish him well. Naturally, Aniston made sure to leave behind some thoughts in the comments: "Feels like yesterday that you arrived."

Meanwhile, despite his early interest in Aniston, Julian is not a "Friends" completist, said his mom.

Well, he'd better start getting caught up fast — the long-awaited "Friends" reunion is coming May 27!

"I know he hasn't seen every episode," said Kudrow. "I know for a while, in school, people were watching it. And he kind of felt like he had to, so that he can participate in what everyone else was watching. And he did really think that everybody else was very funny on the show."